December 5, 2018

Why an attorney can help protect your driving record

Why an attorney can help protect your driving record

Your driving record is precious and any damage that you do to it can result in higher insurance premiums and those premiums will stay in place for up to five years. You need to know how and why an attorney can help you protect your driving record.

It starts with an old ticket that you forgot about and as a result. Now you have a suspended driver’s license and you might not even know. Why an attorney can help you protect your driving record is an interesting concept. There is no way you can keep a job if your driver’s license is in any way on the line.

A warrant for your arrest could be in the system of every police officer across all (8) counties. Which means you will be arrested if you are pulled over for even a tail light out. So now the scenario is, you were pulled over for a tail light out, the officer ran your license and found a warrant and you got arrested. While the bail is not much, you still will be processed into the system and wait hours just to get bonded out. You have a relationship with the bond company until your court date.

You most likely would have gotten a warning for a tail light that is out. But because you forgot about an old ticket, you now have a warrant. This is where a firm like Monks Law Firm comes in to play. You want to avoid the time and humiliation that being arrested for a traffic ticket incurs.

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It is a common misconception that a traffic ticket is final. And that the officer issuing the citation is always right. The point system alone is reason enough to have representation. So that you do not lose the privilege to drive whether it is for personal use or for work.

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