September 3, 2018

What is a CDL Ticket

What is a CDL Ticket

Many drivers in today’s world do not understand or even know all the different traffic laws. And violations one can receive. And when you receive a traffic ticket. Everyone knows what that is. But what about a CDL ticket? If you do not know what a CDL ticket is. You are probably asking yourself the question, What is a CDL Ticket? Well, in this post we are going to explain what a CDL ticket is. And why you may receive a CDL ticket.

What CDL Means and Why You Can Receive It

CDL stands for a commercial drivers license. And truck drivers are can only operate large trucks with this license. A CDL ticket can be issued to a driver when they are speeding.

Consequences of CDL Ticket

You may be thinking that a speeding ticket is no big deal. But the reality is, the law is not just about right and wrong. It is about the rules and regulations. Just one CLD ticket classifies you as not having a clean record. And there can be many consequences. It can result in your license being suspended for 60 days.

Court fines up to $500. A rise in insurance. Possible job loss. And it stays on your MVR for 3 years.

MVR is your motor vehicle report that will highlight your violations, license status, and convictions that all future employers will be able to see. This MVR can influence your future jobs.

As you can see, having a CDL ticket can result in many consequences if not handled quickly and appropriately. And if you plan on just paying the fine, you need to do it immediately. But if you are going to take it to court. Give yourself the best odds of winning. You can hire a lawyer that knows the laws regarding CDL.

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