September 7, 2018

What are Traffic Warrants

What are Traffic Warrants

Often many drivers do not know what traffic warrants are. And are not sure of them until they are faced with a traffic warrant. And then they are asking themselves the question, What are Traffic Warrants? In this post, we will highlight what traffic warrants are. And how criminal lawyers are needed when dealing with traffic warrants.

Traffic Warrants

A traffic warrant is a warrant for a person’s arrest. The court issues a traffic warrant when a person fails to pay a traffic fine. Or fails to appear in court to answer a traffic ticket or violation. Traffic violations range from minor to severe. Minor infractions include such violations as an illegal U-turn, driving above the speed limit or rolling through a stop sign. Serious traffic infractions include drag racing or driving without a license. A more serious traffic infraction can be charged as misdemeanors. And can include facing jail time.

When you receive a traffic ticket or violation You must either pay the fine or appear in court. Failing to comply to either will result in a traffic warrant for your arrest. So, not only will you face a warrant for your arrest, you are also facing more fines. And if you have an outstanding traffic warrant. Your state’s department of motor vehicles may suspend your driver’s license or refuse to renew it. Traffic warrants are to be taken seriously and when facing a traffic warrant. You will need a lawyer to help you avoid possible jail time.

Hiring a Lawyer

Once you have notification of your traffic warrant, it is important to then immediately contact the court that issued the warrant. The court will likely give you a date to appear before the court. Once you have this new date you need to find a criminal defense attorney that has worked on cases regarding traffic warrants.

Monks Law for Traffic Warrants

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