June 12, 2019

Traffic Laws Are Constantly Changing!

There have been a lot of alterations to the legislation for traffic laws recently. Keeping track of them may be difficult. Especially if you are busy all day and not constantly checking the new revisions and amendments. In order to keep your protected, information is highly valuable. That’s why we want to provide our readers with insight into the new legal changes that have been made. We hope to keep clients aware because of the expenses of traffic violations are often far more than meet the eye.

Traffic Citations

Whenever you get into an incident on the road, there may be a ticket to follow. It is a natural result from any low-level violation of traffic laws in the region you are located in. While in the past, there were fixed fees for each particular issue, they are always subject to change. Recently, in a new decision by the state of Texas, there are new adjustments for traffic citations that will incur an additional $50 to every ticket available to be received.

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Moving violations affect your car insurance and license eligibility as well.

It appears to be a deterrent to maintain order on the road. The idea behind it is that drivers will be more cautious to break the law if there is a larger penalty. An increase of $50 is understandably fair, especially when considering the number of violations that occur a year. There are approximately 125,000 tickets issued every day in the entire country. If Texas is listed in the top ten for the highest amount of tickets, you can imagine the need to reduce this.

Suspended Licenses Due To Surcharges

This is another unique change to come to the surface. The revision regards exonerating people with a suspended license as a result of not paying surcharges. When you get a ticket of some sort, there is usually a surcharge that is applied which the affected Texas drivers must pay every year without fail. Even though it may be several years after the actual transgression. Previously, not paying it would result in a suspended license. However, that has been deemed rather harsh. The injustice was dealt with through this new law which absolves those individuals from having to adhere to this long and arduous process.


When other traffic fines are increasing by small increments, DWIs are getting a severe adjustment. This is one of the largest causes of automobile fatalities and it can destroy lives even without killing anyone. In order to continue fighting this problem, they have decided to raise the fines for these violations as well. By increasing the minimum fine from $3000 to $6000, they are attempting to combat DWIs by intimidating drivers with incredibly high fees. This is a tremendous increase, but in hindsight, DWIs can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $24,000 so it is hard to say if it will make a real change. Nevertheless, continuing to fight these issues is the best way to keep drunk drivers off the street.

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Please Drive Responsibly!

Remember, your life is more important than the fines and charges they may slap on your record. It’s not worth driving drunk, and getting traffic violations can be a very hard issue to deal with, too. In order to stay on the safe side, drive the speed limit, follow the traffic laws, and protect yourself!