Probate Attorney Houston.  Death is a fact of life we all must face, and in the state of Texas, every death requires a probate settlement, even when a will has been provided.  As part of the probate procedures, most court jurisdictions require a probate attorney Houston TX.  When it comes time to find a Probate Attorney Houston, call on Monks Law Firm.


The probate settlement accomplishes several tasks.  Some of those tasks are simple, and some more complicated, but the law requires that all of those tasks be done with a particular methodology.  Monks Law Firm often deals with probate settlements, and their years of experience, combined with their knowledge of probate law, assure their clients that probates will be handled effectively.  Because probate settlements affect the lives of multiple individuals for generations to come, it is incumbent upon the probate Executor and the Probate Judge to carefully ensure that the entire probate procedure is carried out fairly, adequately, and diligently.  Monks Law Firm understands that, so call 713-666-6657 to schedule an appointment with Probate Attorney Houston.


Probate Attorney Houston – Will or no will?


After the death of any individual, it is imperative to know whether or not that individual created a will.  Obviously, the state of Texas deems it fitting, whenever possible, that the wishes of the deceased, concerning their assets, be fulfilled.  Whether or not a will has been created by the deceased, the death must be filed with a probate judge.  If a will exists, it also must be presented to the judge.  After necessary documents are provided to the probate judge, a death certificate may then be issued and an Estate Executor will be named.  Again, even when no will exists, an Executor must be appointed by the Probate Judge.  If a will does exist, the judge will likely appoint the Executor named in the will.  From there, several notifications must be posted, and varied paperwork must be filed, ensuring the authority to make disbursements from the estate of the deceased.  Monks Law Firm has the expertise to easily and methodically handle the entire probate process, including the creation of a will, so make Monks Law Firm your Probate Attorney Houston. They also offer cheap probates Houston.


Death is a surety, and it is always a good idea to create a will beforehand.  Probate Attorney Houston can help you with that by discussing your wishes, drafting a legal document that accurately describes those wishes, and ensuring that your will is properly notarized and filed.


Before and after any death, a good Probate Attorney Houston can be a valuable asset in reducing the burden of loved ones.  Nobody likes to deal with the details of a family death, so let Monks Law Firm handle those details for you in an orderly, and caring, manner.  Call to schedule an appointment.

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