May 14, 2019

Not Every Speeding Ticket Is The Same

When you are driving, it can be easy to overlook your speed. This is one of the most popular incidents on the road. People are always being pulled over for these sorts of citations and it’s always a tedious experience. You will have to go through all of the banal procedures that can take tons of time. Furthermore, depending on the severity or amount of tickets on your record, it could result in far more problems than just being pulled over.

However, there are different kinds of speeding tickets. Some will be location-based and others are based on the speed that you were driving over the limit. To help explain what the difference between them and give you insight on their punishments, we’ve compiled them into a blog for you to view. If you have any questions please contact us!

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Speeding Tickets

When it comes to Texas, speeding tickets actually carry a criminal offense in addition to their fines. The variance will result in different punishments, and they will invariably affect your record depending on your previous driving history. We will go over the potential factors now!

Regular Traffic Citations

The usual treatment for a ticket in Texas will consist of a citation that is anywhere from $1-200 and can be paid off or disputed in court. It is not necessarily a big deal, but you will be given a point for every time you are issued a ticket. We will discuss the point system later on. If you decide to pay off this ticket, it will go down as a “guilty” plea and you will be convicted of the charge. Usually, this will go on your record and can have adverse effects such things like insurance.

Construction Zone Citations

There are over 15,000 accidents and 100 people killed every year in “construction zones”. For this reason, the state of Texas will force you to pay double of whatever the amount your citation was issued for. Remember, there must be workers present and signs on display in and around the zone if it is to be counted as a “construction zone”. Pay attention to this detail as it may help when you are trying to dispute your ticket in court.

High-Speed Citations

This is known as reckless driving and is a criminal offense according to the law of Texas. It is actually written clearly in section 545.401 in the Transportation Code that states it is illegal to drive a vehicle “in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” This means that the act of driving reckless or 20+ mph over the speed limit is a misdemeanor. It could mean jail time for up to 30 days or a fine that would be up to or over $200.

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Point System In Texas

For every citation you are given, there are points added to your license. Up to six, you will be alright, and only have to pay the fines given. However, when you reach six you will have to pay $100 and an additional $25 for every new point. Make sure to keep track of this so as to avoid any unnecessary payments or fines. Remember, we can clear this up for you and help you get the best outcome in your speeding case.