May 8, 2020

More Speeding Tickets are Being Issued

Here at Monks Law Firm, we take pride in helping motorists get out of traffic tickets they felt were wrongfully issued. Law enforcement can easily make mistakes, which is why we are here to help drivers. However, there are times when drivers deserve traffic tickets due to reckless driving.

In the state of California, speeding tickets are being issued more than ever now. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are fewer people on the roads than ever before. So, it seems drivers believe they can drive as fast as they want. So, police officers are cracking down on those speeding and violating traffic laws.

Speeding Tickets More Than 100 mph

LA Times first reported California Highway Patrol stated there had been an 87% increase in speeding tickets over 100 miles per hour. Just a month after the state’s stay-at-home order, the department issued 2,493 speeding tickets for those driving more than 100 mph.

Follow traffic signs and regulations at all times.

The previous year only had a total of 1,335 tickets, which is a significant increase. One of the motorists issued a ticket was arrested as well. CHP charged him with reckless driving and driving without a license. The offender was going 165 mph on interstate 5 in San Juan Capistrano.

As you can see, traffic tickets are going up as there are fewer drivers on the road. This may be due to the police officers having the ability to focus on fewer drivers at a time than a multitude. Nonetheless, it is never beneficial to drive recklessly.

Monks Law Firm believes you should follow traffic signs and regulations at all times, regardless of how many people are on the road. It does not matter if there are fewer drivers; you are putting yourself and others at danger when driving recklessly. If you do feel you have been wrongfully issued a traffic ticket, then contact our office. We can help you with your case.

Traffic Ticket Cases

If you truly believe you were wrongfully issued a traffic ticket, then contact our law firm today. You can reach our team by calling (713) 666-6657. You may also learn what we can help you with on our traffic ticket page. Until then, follow all traffic regulations.