September 27, 2019

Monks Law Firm Aids in Repeal of DRP

With the repeal of the Driving Responsibility Program (DRP) comes relief along with new issues. For instance, Texans who were unable to receive their license when the law was in effect fall in certain categories. According to legislation, drivers whose fees solely stem from DRP are immediately eligible to be reinstated. However, Texans who faced other issues along with DRP, will only be eligible after resolving the other issues. If a driver’s license was suspended more than two years an online replacement is possible. Though, if it has been any more than the allotted time, he or she would have to re-apply for their license. This also means passing driving tests, written tests, and etc.

Your Helping Hand

Humble TX Attorneys for Traffic Tickets

Humble TX Attorneys for Traffic Tickets

Since one of Monks Law Firm’s practices are traffic violations, we can be just the helping hand you need. Mike and Pat Monks are Houston attorneys willing to represent you. We understand how critical transportation is to support the household. It’s hard to imagine waking up in the morning not being able to drive to work when your job is on the other side of town. A lot of people affected by DRP had to deal with this situation.

Attorneys at Monks Law Firm assures you are getting the proper care you need. For Texans who can’t immediately receive their driver’s license back, our attorneys also resolve other issues. Such practice areas include probate, civil lawsuits, and criminal defense along with traffic violations.

Monks Law Firm deals with many civil lawsuits ranging from fraud to arbitration. With criminal defense in areas such as DUI/DWI, attorneys know it is an issue law enforcement treats very seriously. Because of this, they may be preempted to give the harshest sentence without an appeal. In fact, drunk driving cases’ process tends to move quickly by design. The Harris County District Attorney’s, especially approaches such cases rigorously. It would be highly recommended to have a trusted attorney at your side to make sure your case receives the light of day.

The Aid in the Dark

Monks Law Firm is the aid you need when it is tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let us aid you through such perilous times and contact them today. To reach out to an attorney, call (713) 666-6657. When we take on your case, we guarantee to do everything in our power to fight for you!

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