February 10, 2020

Let’s Talk About Interlock Devices

If you have ever been arrested for a DUI or DWI, then an ignition interlock device has likely been installed in your vehicle. In these cases, it’s essential to know the process of how you receive one, why, and how to have it removed. With Monks Law Firm, you get the help you need obtaining a receipt from the court to have the device removed once necessary. First, you must know how the process behind ignition interlocks work.

Monks Law Firm has more than enough experience in the field of DUIs and DWIs to assist you. We’ll help you get the documentation you need for interlock removal in no time. We specialize in all forms of law, including traffic and drug possession cases. You can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about your interlock device for long.

Drug/Alcohol Suspensions

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What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device (or IID) is a device that the judge makes mandatory for the vehicle that prevents you from driving. The only way to drive the motor vehicle is to pass the built-in breathalyzer that comes with the IID. Once the court orders that you must have one, obtaining and installing it is your responsibility.

To have the device removed, the court must issue a receipt with the court’s official seal and a form signed by the judge or county clerk. To have the interlock requirement removed from your driver’s license, you must file the proper documentation to the Department of Public Safety.

These documents must all include your full name, date of birth, and driver’s license number. These documents can be submitted via mail, email, or fax. You must also include a copy of the suspension notice to help identify your driver record. This process can take up to 21 business days to complete. Once it’s over, you’ll be back on the road with zero restrictions.

Accident license suspensions

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Contact Monks Law Firm to Remove Your IID

Monks Law Firm has been protecting your rights for over 20 years in Houston. Our experts ensure that you obtain a receipt of the court order to have your interlock device removed. With our support, you can get back on the road and back to your life. Call (713) 666-6657 or find us online for more information.