Traffic ticket lawyer Texas City can often help you avoid some of the negative consequences of traffic citations, sometimes by helping you avoid a conviction. Many people are unaware that mailing in payment for a traffic ticket may have other costs and penalties associated with the act of essentially pleading guilty to a citation. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer Texas City knows all of the potential pitfalls of being ticketed in Texas.

Point System

There is a point system in Texas that’s connected to your driving record. When you are guilty of a traffic violation, points go on your record. If more points are added through additional violations, there are several possible consequences. Also known as the “Driver Responsibility Program,” the point system assesses points as follows:

  • One moving violation is 2 points.
  • One moving violation that leads to a crash is 3 points.

Consequences for habitual traffic citations can include heavy annual fines for at least 3 years and license suspension.

If you get 6 points added to your driving record within one year, due to convictions for traffic violations, you will be required to pay a $100 assessment surcharge. For every additional point over 6, the fee goes up another $25.

Be sure you always keep the address current on your driver’s license because you could receive a notice that your license has been suspended because of repeat violations. Many drivers have been traveling on Texas roads, unaware that their license has been revoked.

An additional consequence of traffic violations is that your auto insurance could increase significantly.

Why Hire a Traffic ticket lawyer Texas City

If you hire an attorney rather than simply pay a traffic ticket, your legal representative can help you protect your driving record and could ultimately save you money. They can also save you time and keep you from having a warrant out for your arrest. However, if you do end up needing a Traffic warrants attorney Texas City, we have you covered.

  • An experienced traffic ticket lawyer Texas City knows what to look for, in trying to find a way to get your ticket dismissed. By protecting your driving record, you could avoid higher insurance premiums, costly surcharges, and driver’s license suspension.
  • It can be extremely inconvenient to deal with the court system, between parking costs, long lines, and making repeat trips to the courthouse. By hiring an attorney, you avoid all of that hassle.
  • The cost of an attorney who can get your ticket dismissed pays for itself because you avoid costly fines and penalties as well as a higher insurance bill.

If you’ve received a traffic citation, don’t hesitate to hire an experienced Traffic ticket lawyer Texas City.