Traffic ticket lawyer Bellaire TX may be needed for many different traffic violations, including failure to buy the required auto insurance. Texas has minimum requirements for auto liability insurance. If those mandatory insurance minimums aren’t in place, motorists often find themselves in need of a traffic ticket lawyer Bellaire TX.

Auto Insurance Laws Texas

When a vehicle is registered in Texas, motorists are required to provide valid proof of auto insurance to the county tax assessor-collector. In Texas, if the principal driver on an auto policy completes a training class related to drug and alcohol awareness, that driver must have a 5% discount on the cost of insurance. Other information related to auto insurance in Texas follows:

  • If you drive without car insurance, you could be fined up to $300.
  • If you drive without a valid driver’s license in Texas, your first offense carries a maximum fine of $200. If you end up with a third citation for driving without a license, you are advised to contact a traffic ticket lawyer Bellaire TX because jail time is possible. The fine associated with a third offense can be as high as $500 in addition to serving anywhere from 72 hours to six months in jail. You will also be charged an additional $100 annually for three years, as part of Texas’ Driver Responsibility Program.
  • If you are issued a citation for failing to renew your vehicle registration, the violation will usually be dismissed if you show proof that your registration has been renewed within 20 days. The associated fines for cases that are not dismissed are as high as $180.
  • Vehicle inspections are a requirement in Texas, and failure to renew and get an updated inspection sticker can carry a fine of approximately $150.
  • Some states have a grace period of 30 days when someone buys a new car. In Texas, there is no grace period. Auto insurance is required anytime a vehicle is on Texas roadways.
  • Motorcyclists under 21 years of age with no helmet and motorcyclists of any age who lack health insurance can be issued a traffic citation and are advised to contact a traffic ticket lawyer Bellaire TX.
  • In Texas, drivers are allowed to provide electronic proof of insurance, using a smartphone.

If a ticket is issued to a Texas driver for any reason, the potential costs and penalties can quickly add up. we also can be your Bellaire Speeding Ticket lawyer. Contact us for a reliable traffic ticket lawyer Bellaire TX.