Are you currently searching for a Suspended License Lawyer Bellaire TX? If so, then look no further than Monks Law. Because at Monks Law we have the knowledge to help defend you. And help you get your license back. Because having your license is important. And in this article, we will highlight how you can get a license suspension. What it means to have a license suspension. And why you need a Suspended License Lawyer Bellaire TX if you are dealing with a suspension on your license.

How You Can Receive a License Suspension

There are many ways that a driver can receive a suspension upon their license.

The reasons include-

  1. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  2. Leaving the scene of an accident
  3. Reckless and/or careless driving
  4. Accumulation of points or violations
  5. Failure to appear in court on a summons for a moving violation or parking ticket
  6. Failure to pay a motor vehicle fine, surcharge or fee
  7. Negligence to maintain proper insurance
  8. A conviction for a drug offense other than DUI
  9. Failure to comply with a child support order
  10. Truancy
  11. Delinquent conduct by a minor

Having a suspension on your license is serious. And should not be taken lightly. You will receive notification of your suspension in the mail. And you will also be able to see that you have a suspension on your license if you go to the DMV. And get a copy of your driving record.

What it Means to Have a License Suspension

A suspension on your license means that your license is temporarily out of service. Meaning, you will be able to use it again, but right now you are not able to legally drive with your license. If you are caught driving with a license that has a suspension on it. You will most likely be charged with a misdemeanor offense. Which is a criminal charge. Sometimes when you are caught driving with a suspension on your license. They could take you to jail directly depending on the officer’s discretion at the time. The consequences you could face if caught driving with a suspended license include-

  1. Hefty Fines
  2. License suspension by 1-2 years
  3. Jail time
  4. And future employers being able to see your record

These consequences are serious and can impact your future. Which is why if you have a suspension on your license. It should be taken seriously and you should handle this immediately.

Why Hire a Lawyer

If you are currently facing a suspension on your license. Then you can see that this something that needs to be handled quickly. And by professionals that can help you protect your future. Which is why you need a Suspended License Lawyer Bellaire TX. There are 3 benefits of hiring a license suspension lawyer that we will highlight.

These benefits include-

  • Peace of mind

The mere thought of losing your license can be a scary one. Because we all rely on your cars to get from place and place.  And without being able to drive. How will you get to work?  Will I be able to get groceries? How are you supposed to get from one place to another? These are things that people forget because we are so used to having a license. And people forget that without a license doing these things become much harder. That is why a license suspension lawyer can provide you with peace of mind. They can provide you with the information and guidance necessary to face this challenge. Rather than make rash decisions because of your panicked state of mind.

  • Not Just Any Lawyer Will Do

There are many reasons we recommend you hiring a license suspension lawyer.  The most obvious is, that a specialized attorney has experience in dealing with license suspension matters. Not all lawyers will have the experience and knowledge to handle your license suspension. And some cases can become complex. Which is why you want an attorney that was the experience. The laws are fairly specific. And you will want a lawyer who is familiar with not only the relevant statutory provisions. But also the legal process in general. Allow us to be your Traffic ticket lawyer Bellaire TX.

  • You Can’t Afford to Lose

When you think about all the consequences that can occur for being caught driving with a license suspension. You can’t afford to lose. You do not want to have to pay hefty fines, lose your license for an even longer time. Or go to jail. And not to mention if you are charged with a misdemeanor this is on your record for future employers to see. So, hiring a Suspended License Lawyer Bellaire TX can help protect your future. To avoid any of these undesirable outcomes.

Best License Suspension Lawyers Bellaire TX

As you can see, having a suspension on your license is very serious. And to avoid undesirable outcomes discussed above. You need a Suspended License Lawyer Bellaire TX. And at Monks Law, we are the best license suspension lawyer serving Bellaire TX. We can help defend and protect your rights. So that you can keep your license and avoid jail time. Give us a call today at 713-666-6657 to learn how we can help you today.

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