Do you need a Spring TX Attorney for Traffic Tickets? If you receive any moving violations during your time in Spring or the greater Houston area, Monks Law Firm can help. Our law office will provide you with a strong traffic ticket defense. We advise you not to simply accept the ticket. Doing so can make a bad experience even worse. Instead, consult with a Spring TX Attorney Ticket Traffic with years of experience. Monks Law Firm can help you avoid fines and possible jail time.

How Traffic Violations Affect Your Driving Record

Texas Department of Public Safety uses a point system for moving violations. The point system is a calculation of driving offenses committed by the driver. The number of points that go on your record depends on the offense. Your driver’s license will be revoked if you get too many points. 

Here are a few examples of various violations and how many points are assessed:

  • Safety Belt violation — 0 points, 2 points for a commercial driver
  • Speeding 10% over the speed limit or in a school zone — 2 points
  • Moving violations — 2 points
  • Moving violations that cause an accident, even if it results in personal injury — 3 points

You will pay an annual surcharge if you have over 6 points on your record. Points stay on your record for 3 years. Over time, you will see that these surcharges are much more costly than our legal fees.

Additionally, you can get your license suspended if you commit more than 4 violations in 12 months or more than 7 within 24 months. Thus, you can lose your license for repeat offenses even if your violations accrue fewer than 6 points. Therefore, you should consider fighting your ticket even for offenses that seem less severe.

Certain traffic violations, such as DWI or reckless driving, also carry prison sentences if you are convicted. Points, surcharges, and jail time can be avoided or greatly minimized if an attorney at law successfully contests your traffic ticket. A Spring TX attorney for traffic tickets can help, whether you get a speeding ticket or a drug possession charge.

Spring TX Attorney for Traffic Tickets

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What You Need To Know About Traffic Court

When you get a ticket or are charged with a traffic offense, you are expected to go to court. Unless you received a red light camera ticket, you will receive a court date. You must build your defense by calling on witnesses and providing evidence to support your case. It will be challenging to manage all of this yourself. Furthermore, there is a bias against people who defend themselves in court. Though it doesn’t seem fair, it will be harder for a judge to take you seriously without a dedicated attorney by your side.

There is also a certain way you should dress and act when you are in court. Not only are these hidden rules formalities, but they also establish your credibility. You want the judge to take you seriously. You don’t want to annoy them or waste their time. We even recommend leaving children at home or daycare, because high levels of movement or noise can detract from your case.

Traffic camera tickets are simple fines, not charges. Though you won’t initially be required to go to court, the ticket should still be taken seriously. Your credit may be affected if you don’t pay and the ticket isn’t thrown out. We recommend that instead of paying the ticket, you call us to learn how you can avoid the fine.

A Monks Law Firm Spring TX attorney for traffic tickets is familiar with the process of going to court for traffic offenses. We can prepare you for court or even possibly keep you out of court altogether. 

Spring TX Attorney for Traffic Tickets

Spring TX Criminal Defense Attorney

Avoid Going to Court for Traffic Tickets

Whatever your reason for wanting to stay out of the courtroom, we understand. If you were visiting Spring, TX, you might not be able to return for court, but you still want to fight your case. Or perhaps you want to avoid notifying your employer that you have to miss work to attend traffic court, perhaps because your job depends on driving. Monks Law Firm may be able to help you avoid the nuisance of a court appearance.

The legal system can be complicated, even when it comes to traffic tickets. You might be expected to appear in court on several occasions, even if you simply want to reschedule your court date. Many drivers avoid contesting tickets simply because doing so is such an inconvenience. Imagine how much money the police department brings in from motorists who could have had their tickets thrown out if only they would have hired an attorney to handle their case.

Fortunately, Monks Law Firm has been handling traffic court cases for years. We can take care of many of the procedures and formalities required to contest your ticket while you continue to live your normal life. Usually, we can manage the entire procedure without you needing to be present. If you are required to appear in court, you can be assured that it was a last resort and your presence will significantly affect your case.

Spring TX Attorney for Traffic Tickets

Spring TX traffic court attorney

Why You Need A Spring TX Attorney for Traffic Tickets

Monks Law Firm is familiar with Spring, TX courts, judges, prosecutors, and processes related to traffic violations. Furthermore, we have been practicing legal defense for over a quarter of a century. We have years of experience defending parties in a range of cases, including criminal. A Monks Law Firm ticket lawyer can tackle even the toughest or most unique traffic charges. With our skilled traffic lawyers, you have a fair chance of beating your case. If you are interested in a process that is nearly worry free, consultation can be scheduled by calling us at (713) 666-6657. Alternatively, you can contact us here. A Monks Law Firm Spring TX Attorney for Traffic Tickets can help with handle your case. 

Fun Facts About Spring, TX

  • According to rumors, Bonnie and Clyde visited Spring, TX.
  • Spring, TX is home to Mercer Botanic Gardens, 60 acres of maintained gardens, ponds, and trails.
  • The city hosts family-friendly events and festivals throughout the year.
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