Spring TX Lawyer Speeding Tickets can be a hassle, so let Monks Law Firm handle all the hard stuff for you! Our law office dedicates its time to ensure you get the best traffic ticket defense and other charges in the area of law. We handle a wide range of law practices in Spring Texas, from traffic court, personal injury, and criminal defense. Monks Law Firm has gotten over 2500 dismal or not guilty verdicts for our clients, and we’re not stopping there! Don’t let speeding ticket stress you out, let our attorneys at law represent you for your next court appearance. Call us at (713) 666-6657 today and get the traffic ticket attorneys you deserve.

Who Is Monks Law Firm? Why Us For Your Spring TX Lawyer Speeding Ticket?

Monks Law Firm is more than just a law office working from 8 to 6, we’re a family. Family law that is. That’s right, our ticket lawyers are actually brothers. With over a combined 70 years of experience, our brother combo dedicate their time protecting your driving record from traffic violations or reckless driving. Together, they ensure that you get the best representation in Spring TX and get a fair trial.

Spring TX Lawyer Speeding

Pat Monks

Pat Monks

Graduating from South Texas College of Law in 1984 and has been past president and founding member of several committees ever since. Committees such as the Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas, the Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Association, and currently president of the Group Legal Services Association. Pat strongly believes that the results matter when it comes to representing a client. That’s why Pat commits to each of his clients and getting them the outcome best for them.

Spring TX Lawyer

Mike Monks

Mike Monks

Not to be overshadowed by his brother, Mike Monks offers an equally impressive resume. Mike graduated magna cum laude from the University of Houston College of Business and from the University of Houston Law Center with a Juris doctorate. With over 36 years of experience, Mike has served thousands of clients to secure dismissals and not guilty verdicts. He has served on several committees as well, including the Board of Directors for the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, the Harris County Criminal Courts Veteran Court, and several other committees of the Houston Bar Association. For Mike, the most important aspect of the job is representing the clients that put their trust in him.

We’ll Work To Get Your Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Speeding tickets can have consequences that go beyond legal fees. If not handled properly or, it can lead to points on your driving record, losing your license, or even jail time. Monks Law Firm commits its time to prevent these outcomes. We fight for our clients to get their tickets dismissed, whether it’s for speeding, running a stop sign, driving without a driver’s license, or any number of violations.

Age won’t stop you from getting a citation either. Whether you’re a veteran driver or a newly minted teenage driver, Monks Law Firm will take on any client. Commercial drivers also have our support, as we’ll get you the best possible outcome and back on the road!

Your driver’s license is as valuable and important to your life as the car itself, so let us protect it for you. For seasoned veterans like Pat and Mike Monks, traffic violations are simple matters. If you receive a traffic citation for whatever reason, the Monks brothers can help you get it dismissed.

Not A Traffic Ticket? No Problem!

Monks Law Firm understands that you’ll face charges that move away from traffic violations and into civil or even criminal. Our team can help with that too! Our attorneys at law focus on every form of legal practice to better serve the greater Houston area.


When it comes to wills and other estate disputes, our team understands how to handle your case with discretion and sensitivity. Monks Law Firm gives our clients all the time and attention they need to properly resolve any issues that may appear with wills and trusts. We deal in an independent administration, dependent administration, muniment of title, and many other forms of probate. For a better idea of how Monks Law Firm handles probate, check here for your desired probate service.

Civil Litigation

Much like probate, we understand how sensitive civil lawsuits can be. Breaches of contract, fraud, mediation, and other types of litigation are all covered by the Monks brothers. Our staff members know that civil litigation can be tricky depending on the subject matter, but our team is ready to handle these cases for you. Because we know that it takes the best lawyers in the Spring TX area to get you the best outcome possible. Other litigations include unpaid overtime, challenging final wills, non-disclosure agreements, and much more.

Criminal Cases

Accusations can come from anywhere, and sometimes you’re not at fault. Monks Law Firm can help clear the air and get you the not guilty verdict you deserve. For DUI/DWIs, it can be damaging if handled alone. That’s why Monks Law Firm’s very own Mike Monks has almost 40 years of criminal defense experience that he uses to make sure you get a fair shake in court. Mike dedicates his efforts to helping you through DUI/DWIs, drug possession, both felony and misdemeanor assaults, and much more.

Spring TX Lawyer family

Our team is ready to help you with your traffic tickets!

Why Monks Law Firm Is Different Than Other Law Firms

Pat and Mike Monks have one goal in mind for every client: Results. We help them achieve that by bringing quality service and superior representation. Our team values our clients and ensures that we get the best outcome for you. While some firms run the clock to boost their rates, Monks Law Firm respects your time and trust in us. Our belief is that the secret to a strong, healthy relationship with our clients is through mutual trust and respect.

Contact Us Now For All Of Your Spring TX Lawyer Speeding Ticket

Handling charges and citations alone can be scary. Don’t make the mistake of dealing with something this serious without some help. Monks Law Firm is here to do just that. Give yourself the best traffic ticket lawyers in Spring TX and put all the stress of a ticket behind you. We also serve all of Harris County and can be your Lawyer Traffic Tickets Pasadena TX. Give us a call at (713) 666-6657 for any questions. Or visit us here for additional information on what we can do for your Spring TX Lawyer Speeding Ticket.

Spring TX Fun Facts

  • Spring TX was voted one of the most affordable places to live by CNN’s Money Magazine
  • It’s rumored that Bonnie & Clyde visited Spring TX sometime in the 1930s
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