Receiving a speeding ticket is what most drivers dread to receive. And most drivers try to avoid receiving a speeding ticket. A speeding ticket to add up to a lot of money and time lost. But most drivers will receive at least one speeding ticket in their lifetime. And if you bring your ticket to court. Then you need a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Spring TX that is going to fight by your side. In this article, we are going to highlight what a speeding ticket is for those who do not know. The consequences one can face from receiving a speeding ticket. And why you may need a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Spring TX to help you.

What is a Speeding Ticket

A speeding ticket is a violation a driver receives by a police officer. When they are driving over the designated speed limit. And on the ticket, it will indicate a fine that the driver will have to pay. These fines can range based on how fast you were speeding. And the area you were speeding in. An example, if you were speeding in the school zone. The fine will be higher in a school zone then driving in a non-school zone. And the fine will be higher if you were speeding 5mph versus speeding 15 mph over the speed limit. Regardless, when you are stopped for speeding you will receive some fine of some sort. And all fines can be a financial burden because it is not a cost that you have planned for.

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Consequences from Speeding Tickets

We all know that getting a speeding ticket is annoying and inconvenient. But besides being annoying and inconvenient. There are other consequences drivers can face if they do not pay the fine. If you do not pay your fine, then you will be issued a court date to fight your ticket. Which is why you may need a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Spring TX. But what happens when you skip the court date? You will then receive a call from a warrant officer letting you know there is a warrant for your arrest. Due to your failure to appear in court. They will either pick you up or you will be able to bond yourself out of jail. Which will end up costing more than the initial fine.

If you decide to post the bond instead of going to jail. You will then be issued a new court. And at this point, it is very important to attend this court date. Because if you don’t, the next time you will be put in jail. As you can see, if you do not pay your fine or go to your first court date. You are facing more fines and jail time. Because when you receive a speeding ticket your insurance rate will also go up. So, now you have made it to where you are paying higher fines, higher insurance, court fees, and bond.

As you can see, receiving a speeding ticket can result in many consequences if not handled quickly and appropriately. And if you plan on just paying the fine, you need to do it immediately. But if you are going to take it to court. Give yourself the best odds of winning. You can hire a Spring TX Attorney for Traffic Tickets that knows the laws on the road.

Why Hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Spring TX

If you decide to fight your ticket it is best to hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Spring TX right away. And attend your court dates to avoid more fees and jail time. At Monks Laws, we are your Speeding Ticket Lawyer Spring TX that can help you fight your speeding ticket. We are hands-on from the beginning to the end. You can be assured that our team is knowledgeable in speeding ticket defense. Because the reality is, there are many laws and regulations. That drivers to do not understand. And if you want to beat your speeding ticket. You need to understand the different regulations. And the best person to help you understand the road rules is a speeding ticket lawyer. So, give us a call today at 713-666-6657. And learn how we can help retain your perfect driving record.