A speeding ticket can be costly, but you can increase your chances of a better outcome with the help of a speeding ticket attorney Houston. You will need to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest to the charge of speeding. It’s possible a clerk or judge in traffic court could agree to a plea bargain resulting in lesser penalties. The possible repercussions of pleading guilty or no contest to a traffic ticket, however, can be tough, which is why it is advisable to hire a speeding ticket attorney in Houston.

Possible Consequences of a Speeding Conviction

Even one conviction for speeding is enough to create negative consequences. In Texas, there is a point system related to traffic convictions. When your driving record has points assigned to it, your auto insurance costs will virtually always go up. An accumulation of points can result in the loss of your driving privileges, which is one of the most important reasons to hire a speeding ticket attorney in Houston. There are penalties and fees associated with driving violations, which can quickly get very expensive.

It is not unusual for a negative driving record to affect a driver’s ability to secure desired employment.

The consequences for multiple speeding tickets are even more severe, and we recommend contacting an experienced speeding ticket attorney in Houston without delay. An attorney who routinely works with speeding ticket offenses in Houston knows the steps to take to attempt to prevent negative outcomes of the ticket.

If you are ticketed for driving 15 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit, the charge is for excessive speeding, which is in the category of serious traffic violations. Reckless driving, improper lane changes, erratic lane changes, driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) without a commercial driver’s license (CDL), and fatal traffic collisions involving a commercial motor vehicle are other examples of serious traffic violations. Because the potential consequences of serious violations are even more severe, contact a speeding ticket attorney in Houston to represent you as you seek the best possible outcome for your case.

Speeding Tickets and Loss of CDL

A speeding ticket can be a factor leading to the loss of a commercial driver’s CDL as follows:

  • You can lose your Texas CDL for at least 60 days if within a three-year period you have been convicted of two serious violations or one violation of law that regulates the operation of a vehicle at a railroad grade crossing. Contact a speeding ticket attorney in Houston for invaluable advice and representation.
  • Your Texas CDL can be suspended for a minimum of 120 days if within three years’ time you are convicted of three serious violations or two violations related to the regulation of the operation of a vehicle at a railroad crossing. A speeding ticket attorney in Houston can provide help with your case.
  • Your Texas CDL can be suspended for an entire year if within three years you commit three violations of laws at railroad crossings.

If you dealing with a suspended license then you can call us to be your Suspended License Attorney Houston. For help minimizing the adverse consequences of a speeding ticket, contact a speeding ticket attorney Houston without delay.