If you’re looking for a Houston TX Lawyer Speeding Ticket, Monks Law Firm is the law office to contact. Monks Law Firm specializes in a variety of practices ranging anywhere from criminal cases, personal injury, and of course, traffic violations. Monks Law Firm offers the best defense lawyers and traffic ticket attorneys in Houston TX. With over 2500 dismissals or not guilty verdicts for our clients under our belt, there’s no reason not to hire Monks Law Firm for your legal needs. Don’t let a speeding ticket stop you, get in touch with our law office in the Houston area today by calling (713) 666-6657.

Why Monks Law Firm For Your Houston TX Lawyer Speeding Tickets?

Monks Law Firm has a combined experience of over 70 years of fighting for and representing clients affected by a variety of charges and moving violations. Our criminal defense attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that our clients get the best defense in court.

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Mike Monks

Mike Monks

Serving the residents of Harris County for over 36 years, Mike Monks is a Houstonian, born and raised. Monks’ time at the University of Houston prepared for one single goal: To represent the clients that have put their faith in him. Mike Monks has served on many committees, including the Board of Directors for the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association and Harris County Criminal Courts Veteran Court. Monks is a dedicated criminal defense lawyer looking to aid all affected by criminal charges, driver’s license suspicion, and other matters of criminal law.

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Pat Monks

Pat Monks

But Mike isn’t alone. His brother, Pat Monks, turns this practice into a family law firm. Not the be outdone by his brother, Pat Monks graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1984 and served on a variety of committees. Not only has he served on committees, but Pat was the past president and founding member of many of these committees as well. Committees such as the Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas, the Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Association, and the current president of the Group Legal Services Association.

For these brothers, results take priority. Whether it’s reckless driving, driver license suspension, or a felony and misdemeanor charge, these lawyers know how to keep you covered.

Traffic Tickets

Likely the most common charge any adult deals within their lives, no one likes dealing with a speeding ticket. Mike and Pat handles traffic violations on a regular basis, making these charges no challenge for them! Whether it’s speeding, driving without insurance, running a red light, or Harris County toll violations, the Monks ensure you our best effort to give you a fair shake and a dismal.

Are you a minor with a violation? Don’t stress, the Monks have you covered. DUIs, DWIs, and other standard driving violations are all aspects that Monks Law Firm fights for our clients’ behalf. Don’t contest these claims alone, let our traffic ticket lawyers give you some peace of mind.

Your speeding tickets can have damaging effects if not dealt with properly. An unresolved ticket can add points to your driving record or raise your insurance rates. If they pile up, you may lose your license or even face jail time. Monks Law Firm can help avoid such outcomes. Our committed lawyers can appear in court on your behalf or offer sound advice based on your situation. If you are a repeat traffic offender then you might be in need of our Houston TX Suspended Drivers License services.

We Practice A Variety Of Other Areas For You

Sometimes speeding isn’t the only legal issue we face in life. Monks Law Firm specializes in other areas we know you deal with more than you’d care to. Our brother combo focuses on making sure you get the best defense no matter what charge you face.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes, litigation can be a confusing mess. It can feel like you have no idea what any of the technical aspects mean for you. That’s why Mike and Pat Monks use their extended experience to make litigation a little confusing. Dealing with a breach of contract? They got you covered. Fraud or trade secrets? Sure! Mediation or arbitration? Nothing Mike and Pat can’t handle. We also deal in unpaid overtime, contesting final wills, and much more!

Criminal Defense

DUI/DWIs are so commonplace these days, it’s entirely possible to get caught up in a criminal case. Whether you’re the defendant or plaintiff, make sure you have the best representation you can with Mike Monk. Mike is the leading attorney in the Houston area for criminal cases. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Mike ensures a fair trial for anyone accused of DUI/DWIs, drug possession, and other criminal charges.


Monks Law Firm understands that handling trusts, wills, and other estate issues can be troubling and challenging. That’s why the Monks brothers work closely with our clients to ensure that such sensitive cases are dealt with professionally and considerately. Probates can be scary if you don’t know what to expect or how to proceed, which is why we here at Monks Law Firm give you the necessary information here.

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Monks Law Firm Works Because Of You, For You

Our law firm works with the mindset that every client is worth the time and effort. We provide quality service for every client in every case we take. Our team believes that all clients deserve a fair trial. A chance to contest any and all charges brought against them. We understand that your time and money is important, so we work with you to save you the hassle of dealing with your charges at a reasonable fee.

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No matter what the charge is, no matter what the situation may feel like, choose the right firm to fight for you. Monks Law Firm has serviced thousands of Houston citizens all over Harris County and other surrounding counties. Let us help you put your mind at ease and avoid stressing over a speeding ticket or other charges. Call our office now at (713) 666-6657 for any questions. And for any more information on your Houston TX Lawyer Speeding Ticket, click here.

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  • Even though we had rough waters early in our history, Houston is considered one of the busiest port cities in the country
  • At 1,002 feet tall, Houston is home to the JP Morgan Chase Building, the tallest building in Texas
  • Being incredibly diverse, over a whopping 90 languages are spoken in Houston!
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