Best lawyer for speeding tickets wanted? At Monks Law Firm, P.C., speeding tickets are among our areas of concentration. When charged with speeding, you must plead no contest, guilty, or not guilty. There are many negative repercussions from pleading no contest or guilty to a speeding ticket, however. It is best to hire the Best lawyer for speeding tickets so that you may be able to avoid those unwanted consequences.

Speed Convictions and Consequences

One speeding ticket may be all it takes for you to face many negative effects. A speeding conviction impacts your driving record because of the point system in Texas. When our driving records have points assigned to them due to traffic convictions, automobile insurance usually always goes up. If you have more than one traffic conviction, points accumulate and can lead to the revocation of your driver’s license. You will need the Best lawyer for speeding tickets to fight on your behalf and try to have a citation dismissed or have penalties and fees reduced.

Many people don’t realize that a simple speeding ticket can adversely affect the ability to secure desired employment.

Be sure to contact our office for the Best lawyer for speeding tickets if you receive a citation for driving 15 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit because the charge involves excessive speeding, which is categorized as a serious traffic violation. Other examples of serious traffic violations follow:

  • Driving recklessly
  • Making lane changes improperly
  • Fatal traffic collisions involving a commercial motor vehicle
  • Making lane changes erratically
  • Driving a commercial motor vehicle without a CDL

Loss of CDL

For a commercial driver, the loss of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a serious problem that can lead to loss of employment. Contact the Best lawyer for speeding tickets for representation regarding a speeding ticket that could cost you your driving privileges. The following pertains to revocation of a CDL:

  • If you have been convicted of two serious traffic violations or one traffic violation that relates to a railroad crossing within a three-year period, you can lose your Texas CDL for at least 60 days.
  • If you are convicted of three serious violations or two railroad crossing violations within a three-year period, your Texas CDL can be suspended for a minimum of 120 days.
  • If you commit three violations related to a railroad crossing within three years, suspension of your Texas CDL is possible.

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