A qualified attorney can help you obtain an Occupational Drivers License Houston. There are many different scenarios that can result in the suspension of your Texas driver’s license. It is important not to drive when your license has been suspended; compliance involves such actions as learning walking distances and bus schedules and hiring taxi services. The good news is that it may be possible for you to get an “essential need” or occupational drivers license Houston; it largely depends upon the type of conviction(s) leading to the suspension. Our Occupational Drivers License Lawyer Houston can help you obtain what you need to get an occupational license.

Occupational Driver’s License (ODL)

An occupational driver’s license for Houston is also referred to as an essential need license and can be extremely helpful when your Texas driver’s license has been suspended. For a non-commercial vehicle, a restricted essential needs license can be obtained for the purpose of meeting individual needs associated with:

  • Getting to work,
  • Activities related to school, and
  • Performance of essential duties for the household.

Ineligibility for an ODL

There are certain circumstances in which an occupational drivers license for Houston is not an option during a license suspension, including the following:

  • If the reason for the driver’s license suspension was a medical condition.
  • If delinquency on child support payments was the reason for the suspended license.
  • If an essential need license is sought for the purpose of driving a commercial vehicle.

Mandatory Waiting Periods

There are certain mandatory waiting periods that apply to obtaining an occupational drivers license for Houston. In the following circumstances, waiting periods to obtain a restricted occupational license are required:

  • If an alcohol- or drug-related offense is the reason for the suspension of an individual’s driver’s license, there is a 90-day waiting period for obtaining an occupational drivers license in Houston.
  • If an intoxication-related conviction is the reason for a Texas driver’s license suspension, there is a 180-day waiting period for an essential needs license.
  • If an individual has at least two administrative license revocations on his or her driver record, there is a one-year waiting period for obtaining a restricted occupational license.

Issuance of an ODL

All required documents and other items must be submitted to the Department of Public Safety for an occupational drivers license in Houston to be issued by a court. The court order can serve as a driver’s license for 30 days from the date of the court’s signature, a period during which the occupational license request is processed. The following are the items which are required or must be submitted to DPS in order to obtain an occupational drivers license in Houston:

  • The judge must be authorized to grant and order for an occupational license.
  • A certified copy of both the petition and the court order granting the ODL.
  • A Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22).
  • The occupational license fee must be paid.
  • The issuance of the occupational driver’s license in Houston must be granted for longer than one year.

For legal assistance obtaining an occupational drivers license Houston, contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney.