Do you know about the best Lawyers for Traffic Tickets Pasadena? Here are Monks Law Firm, we understand how clients can make mistakes that have significant repercussions but, we do want to stress the importance of following all traffic laws. For example, did you know 32,155 crashes in Texas occurred in 2016 because drivers failed to control their speed? Ultimately, we want to be apart of the solution in reducing these disturbing numbers within our state.

The Problem

The leading factor to the collisions in Texas is speeding. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TexDot), there are approximately 551,971 crashes reported statewide every year.  Furthermore, statistics prove that Houston and its surrounding areas, which includes Pasadena, are the most dangerous areas for driving Texas. For example, Houston and its surrounding areas had the highest reported total of 67,241 crashes in 2017 and over 3,773 people losing their lives in accidents in 2016. Here are some additional disturbing statistics about crashes in Texas:

  • One person dies in a crash every two hours and twenty minutes.
  • An injury caused by a collision occurs every one minute and fifty-nine seconds.
  • A collision occurs every minute.
  • TexDot classified 34.27% of traffic fatalities as ” Single vehicle, speeding run-off-the-road crashes.”

All in all, speeding is not only a problem is a grave issue in the state of Texas abroad.

Lawyers for Traffic Tickets Pasadena

The Pasadena TX Lawyer Speeding Ticket at Monks Law Firm is the winner of approximately 2500 dismissal or not guilty verdict during Pat Monks and Mike Monks’ career.  We are licensed and qualified to help you in the following areas of law: Driving While Intoxicated, Felonies, Misdemeanor, Drug/Alcohol/Weapons Possession, Wills/Trust/Probate, Speeding Tickets and more. Mike Monks, J.D. graduated from the University of Houston Law Center. He was the first president of the Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Association, and the is the former director of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association. Pat Monks, J.D Graduated from Southern Texas College of Law. He is the past president and founding member of the Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas and the past president of the Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Association. Currently, he is the president of the Group Legal Services Association which is part of the American Bar Association.

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With over 40 years of courtroom experience, Monks Law Firm is capable of helping you with your case. Therefore, we want to be your traffic ticket defense team in the courtroom and fight for the best outcome for your situation. Whether you are having legal trouble concerning your driver’s license or you suffered a personal injury from a car crash, contact us today so we can help you through this trying journey. For more information about our firm and its services, please contact us at 713.666.6657 or visit our website here to schedule your free consultation We look forward to representing you in court.

Pasadena Historical Facts

  • The first settlers of the area now known as Pasadena are the Karankawa, Atakapan, and the Akokisa tribes.
  • Pasadena was named after Pasadena, California and founded by J.H. Burnett in 1895. This area is between what is now known as the Houston Ship Channel and the Clear Lake area.
  • The city established The Pasadena Independent School District in 1898.
  • Even though the city received significant damaged because of the hurricane of 1900,  the population continue to grow due to Galveston residents relocating to the mainlands.

The History of the Refineries

  • The area grew after World War II because of the development of the petrochemicals and aerospace industries. Sinclair Oil refinery was the first refinery built in 1917. By 1920, many refineries were built in the area.
  • The NASA’s Johnson Space Center was established new Pasadena in 1963 with the residential community of Clear Lake City and is partially under the jurisdiction of Pasadena.
  • The city of Pasadena is the strawberry capital of the world. American Red Cross sent 1.5 million strawberry plants after the hurricane in 1900 to help the residents recover.  As a result, the town was named the strawberry capital of the world because of the flourishing plants as they started shipping out approximately 28 carloads of strawberries a day.

Pasadena Today

  • Today, Pasadena has a population of 153,520.
  •  Half Unemployed/ Half Employed. Even though the city has a higher unemployment rate than the nation’s average, the residents are typically able to find employment in the fourth largest city in the country (which is in Pasadena’s backyard), Houston.
  •  The City’s Grocery Store. Although HEB is one of the various grocery stores you can choose from, HEB is the number one grocery store visit in Pasadena. From groceries to prescription, the residents of the city often visit the local store.
  • Pasadena love pets. The organization, Paws in the Park, provide an area for pet owners to let their best friends run free and their natural selves. They offer training classes for dogs, and a shelter to help animals find warm homes.

Pasadena Notable  Facts and Events

  • Unfortunately, Stinkadena is a common nickname for Pasadena. Initially, the city received the nickname Stinkadena due to the foul smells that often come from the factories and refineries. Although the smell is nowhere as bad as it was years ago, the locals have learned how to disregard the scent. One of the insider jokes the locals might use is “Smell that money!!!”
  • The Pasadena Strawberry Festival welcomes more than 50,000 strawberry lovers to the annual event to enjoy the various activities. For example, the event includes a beauty pageant, mud volleyball tournaments, live music, and much more. The event includes a presentation of cutting rows of strawberry shortcakes occurs during the opening night ceremony. After the presentation, the attendants enjoy the taste of the locally made dessert.
  • In addition to the Strawberry Festival, Pasadena is home to the 4th Fest. Pasadena has another big festival in the summer called 4th Fest. This event includes a car and truck show, a kid zone, live music, numerous vendors, and an extravagant firework show.
  • A Cowboy’s Dream. The Pasadena Livestock Show and Rodeo have been a 65-year tradition in the city. The creation of the event occurred as an effort to assist people in understanding the difference between the life of a real cowboy and a Hollywood cowboy.