Lawyer warrant roundup Texas City is needed because of the annual Texas Warrant Roundup. Local law enforcement officials and U.S. Marshals throughout the state make a massive effort each year to collect money owed on outstanding warrants. More than 250 jurisdictions are involved state-wide. Over 4,100 arrests are made every year during this initiative. In addition, many warrants are cleared during that time. In Houston, for example, nearly 30,000 warrants were cleared. Anyone with an outstanding warrant should get a lawyer warrant roundup Texas City.

About the Texas Warrant Roundup

Before the roundup begins, Texas allows a grace period. During the grace period, any Texas citizen may square their debt and pay fines without further penalties. Once the roundup has begun, however, a person with an outstanding warrant might be arrested at any time and in any place.

Whether you are at school, at work, or at home, a police officer could very well show up to arrest you, if you have failed to respond to a warrant. One reason you may want to go ahead and hire a lawyer warrant roundup Texas City is because law enforcement officials have license plate scanning devices in their police cruisers which allow them to easily check license plates and determine if someone has an outstanding warrant. The best thing to do is get in touch with appropriate authorities and take care of warrants before the annual grace period ends and the roundup begins.

Once the roundup is over in March, thousands of Texas civilians have paid millions of dollars in fines or have been arrested. Getting arrested in a public place can be especially embarrassing and can affect your employment. Don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer warrant roundup Texas City, in a first step toward avoiding an arrest.

If Your Name is on the Warrant List

Police urge citizens to check wanted posters and warrant lists at the police department, to determine whether they are on the warrant roundup list. It is also highly advisable to hire an attorney, who can help you by suspending the arrest warrant. This can be achieved by posting a bond that sends the case to be heard before a jury.

Another possible outcome of having a warrant during the annual warrant roundup is that a hold can be placed on the renewal of your vehicle registration until the warrant is resolved. We also help with many other charges as well. If you need a Suspended license attorney Texas City we have got you covered. For help contact an experienced lawyer warrant roundup Texas City.