Are you seeking “Humble TX lawyers traffic tickets?” Get in touch with Monks Law Firm. We can help you with your traffic ticket case and a wide range of other cases. Traffic tickets are one of the most common citations a person can receive. They are relatively low impact, but they are a massive inconvenience.

First of all, traffic tickets can be very costly. If these tickets are not paid in time, then they can grow into larger problems. Monk Law Firm wants to help clients with tickets they believe have been wrongfully issued. People make mistakes, and police officers are no different.

There are two ways of handling traffic tickets. You can simply pay the ticket or go to court to fight it. If you believe you have been wrongfully issued a ticket, then you may contest the ticket in court. Get in touch with Monks Law Firm to gain assistance during the hearing.

Fighting a ticket in court while on your own is difficult. Get in touch with a traffic ticket lawyer today, so you have a better chance of winning. Of course, traffic tickets are only a small portion of what the Monks Law Firm does. We offer assistance in a variety of different cases.

Why You Were Issued a Ticket

The most abundant type of ticket issued is a speeding ticket. Everyone has gone over the speeding limit, and it may not have been on purpose. At times, driving is a mindless task that can lead to minor mistakes. Speeding is certainly one of them. Speeding is only one of many ways to obtain a ticket. There is a wide variety of reasons you may have been issued a ticket, which you can view below.

  • Driving without insurance
  • Expired registration tags
  • Running a stop sign or light
  • Driving without a driver’s license
  • Driving without a seatbelt
  • Harris County toll violations
Accident license suspensions

Don’t suffer from a suspended license, contest!

The options above are only a small portion of reasons you may have been issued a ticket. It is essential these tickets are handled within their allotted time, or they will become worse. For example, you are issued a speeding ticket that you stuff into your glove box. Over time, you forget about it, and you miss court date of when you needed to contest it. From there, a judge will decide to put a warrant out for your rest or not.

A warrant out for your rest will only snowball into more significant issues. Do not forget about your traffic tickets because they can grow into larger issues. Let Monks Law Firm help you fight the ticket you feel was wrongfully issued.

If you are needing another form of assistance relating to traffic services, then we can still help you. Tickets can grow into larger problems, but they also can linger longer than they should. For example, a traffic ticket could stay on your record for some time. We can help remove those tickets from your record so you can move forward. Allow us to be your Humble TX Speeding Ticket Lawyer.

Criminal Defense

Mike and Pat Monks is not just a traffic ticket attorney. They can help clients with criminal defense cases as well. Getting charged with a crime is difficult to handle. Businesses typically do not hire employees with criminal backgrounds, and so it is harder for these people to live their lives. Secure the right attorney at law, so your case goes in the direction you need.

Monks Law Firm helps clients with a handful of crimes. From drug possession to misdemeanor assault, Monks can help you achieve the ruling you desire. Drug possession can range from minor to serious cases. Controlled substances are categorized into four different groups. Depending on what you were caught with, you could be facing various charges.

Humble TX Lawyers Traffic Tickets

Make sure you get the right defense, with Monks Law Firm.

Another crime Monks can help you with is a DUI or DWI. Harris County is one of the fastest and aggressive offices to face when it comes to a DUI. They take it very seriously because it is a serious crime. Monks want to help you through this stressful and quick process. Our law firm will do its best to defend you against the District Attorney’s office.

Monks can help with two different kinds of assault: felony and misdemeanor. Most other states refer to crimes like assault and battery, but the state of texas on refers to it as assault. Felony assault charges vary greatly. However, misdemeanor assault is when an individual intentionally causes injury or threatens bodily harm to another person.

Monks Law Firm specializes in defending clients for misdemeanor assault. We have spent the past three decades defending clients in the Greater Houston courts. Mike and Pat Monks will do their job in defending you.


Monks Law Firm works with clients that have not committed a crime. Probate is a great example of one of those services. Probate is a complicated and lengthy process. Monks Law Firm can help clients maneuver through the tricky process. Wills, trusts, and other estate issues can easily be cleaned up by our attorneys.

The probate process follows the steps below.

  • Establish a valid will from the decedent
  • Identifying the inventory and property
  • Appraise the property
  • Resolve any debts and/or taxes
  • Distribute the property according to the will or dictated by law if a will is not present
Humble TX Lawyers Traffic Tickets

Monks Law Firm can defend clients with a wide variety of cases.

Monks Law Firm will help you and your family get through this stressful process. It is hard for families to handle the logistics of death while also grieving. Monks will help clients continue to grieve while the process moves forward.

Humble TX Lawyers Traffic Tickets

Clients will not find a better lawyer in Humble, Texas. Monks Law Firm will help you achieve the goal you have set. From traffic tickets to probate, Mike and Pat will assist in the best way possible. Give us a call today at (713) 666-6657.

You may also visit our website to find more information on the services we provide. With more than 30 years under our belt, Monks Law Firm is the best place for your case. You can finally stop searching “Humble TX lawyers traffic tickets” and start calling our law firm.

Fun Facts about Humble

  • First settled in the early 1800s by Joseph Dunman
  • In 1904, the first railroad entered the city, and Humble was incorporated in 1933
  • Humble has attractions such as the Botanical Gardens, Humble Historical Museum, and Sheldon Lake State Park
  • Find more fun facts about Humble here.