Houston Traffic Lawyer will help you solve your traffic ticket problems.  In this Electronic Age, almost anyone can obtain a copy of your driving record, if they want it.  Two categories of those, who may want to see your record, are insurance companies and prospective employers.

Every time your automobile insurance comes up for renewal, the insurance company looks at your driving record.  When your record shows traffic violations, the insurance company may raise your insurance rate.


Whenever you apply for work, your prospective employer often looks at your driving record, because doing so can give him an idea of your character and your trustworthiness.  Your driving record could be the determining factor in whether or not you are hired and the salary you might be offered.


So, your driving record is important, and even minor traffic violations can cost you in more ways than just the ticket fine.  That is why it is so important that you get acquainted with Houston Traffic Lawyer.  Our highly-experienced Houston Traffic Tickets Attorneys may be able to help you keep your driving record free of traffic violations.


Houston Traffic Lawyer:  The Best Offense is a Good Defense.


Under the traffic laws of the state of Texas, being a good driver gets you no points, but a moving traffic violation will usually mark up 2 points on your driving record.  If your violation causes an accident, you will get an additional point.  Points can accumulate over any consecutive three-year period.  Once you get 6 points in any consecutive three-year period, the costs really mushroom.  You then become a “habitual traffic offender” and you will likely have your driver’s license suspended. Did you know you can also be charged an annual assessment surcharge of $100 plus $25 for each point on your driving record exceeding 6 points?  The costs of those tickets are growing, so it’s time to call Houston Traffic Lawyer, Monks Law Firm, immediately to get the good defense you need.


Ideally, you should contact Houston Traffic Lawyer upon receipt of your first traffic ticket. Monks Law Firm can immediately begin work on your defense.  Their 45 years of experience and their complete knowledge of Texas traffic laws and procedures, combined with their zealous defense skills, is your winning defensive game plan.  Unfortunately, sometimes your situation is not the ideal and you wait to find representation. You can call us at any point along the way, after that first traffic ticket. Allow Houston Traffic Lawyer to begin work immediately on your behalf, protecting your constitutional rights and working to clean up old tickets on your driving record.


Safeguard your insurance coverage and insurance rate. Don’t leave an indelible record of past mistakes on your permanent driving record. Avoid government assessments. Protect yourself from financial burdens, and protect your family from the embarrassment and the stress of having your license suspended.  Call Houston Traffic Lawyer now.