If you have an outstanding arrest warrant in Harris County in the month of March, it is advisable that you do a search for Houston Lawyer Warrant Roundup in order to have legal representation and possibly avoid an embarrassing arrest. Hire a Houston lawyer for the warrant roundup because literally thousands are sought out in their homes, schools, and workplaces and arrested as part of this annual initiative.

In Texas, it is expected that all traffic citations will be properly dealt with, which includes paying fines and possibly also making court appearances. Even for a seemingly insignificant traffic citation, it is possible that a warrant can be issued against you. There is a need for Houston lawyers warrant roundup seeks to arrest all individuals with outstanding warrants, no matter what type of traffic offense the warrant is for.

Types of Traffic Warrants

If you receive a traffic citation and fail to either pay the fine or appear for the court date, a Failure-to-Appear (FTA) Warrant will be issued. If you have a traffic ticket and aren’t sure of your options contact a Houston Traffic Attorney today.

Houston Lawyer Warrant Roundup

A Capias Warrant can also be issued against you if a judge wants you to be arrested and detained so that you will appear in court regarding a traffic citation. A capias warrant is usually issued for less serious traffic violations but should not be ignored since it is essentially a writ of arrest.  Prior to the warrant roundup, call a Houston lawyer if you have an outstanding capias warrant.

You can pay your traffic fines, as a way of lifting a warrant against you. Keep in mind, however, that paying the fines associated with a traffic citation is as good as an admission of guilt. It is recommended that you consult a Houston lawyer as you face possible arrest during the warrant roundup. There are negative consequences to traffic convictions, such as:

  • Points on your driving record (When points accumulate, you can lose your driving privileges. Points also lead to costly annual surcharges, if you have 6 or more points on your driver record.)
  • An increase in the cost of auto insurance coverage.
  • Employment opportunities may be lost.

Traffic warrants can also be lifted by pleading not guilty and posting a bond. Once you post a bond, you are no longer under warrant. You will need to take action on your case and follow through to completion; otherwise, you will face another open warrant. Contact an experienced Houston lawyer before the warrant roundup if there are outstanding warrants against you.

Houston Warrant Roundup

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is unquestionably the largest cooperative effort among law enforcement agencies in Texas. Across the state, the initiative occurs at the same time as a way of raising public awareness and encouraging individuals to resolve their cases prior to arrest. The effort is very aggressive; a license plate recognition program is employed to find and arrest people with outstanding warrants. The heightened possibility of arrest is reason enough to search for “Houston lawyer warrant roundup.”