CDL Ticket Lawyer Houston wants to help when you are in trouble with the law.  You’re a professional, and so are we.  The financial well-being of you and your family depends upon your driving privileges.  When your ability to work as a professional driver in the state of Texas is threatened by a traffic ticket, it’s time to call on a different type of professional.  It’s time to call Monks Law Firm.

CDL Ticket Lawyer Houston understands the grueling hours that you put in, daily traversing roads choked with heavy traffic. Day and night you are constantly watching out for the impetuous moves of those less-experienced drivers in their flashy little vehicles.  To ‘civilian’ drivers, a minor traffic ticket is just an annoyance, but, for the CDL driver, no traffic ticket is minor.

What others many refer to as a “minor traffic ticket” can often mean an increase in insurance rates for you, a CDL driver. Those rate increases to your employer’s insurance can soon make you a liability, no longer an asset to your employer. To make matters worse, in Texas, each traffic conviction on your record is a black mark that can eventually lead to suspension of your driving privileges.  Like a doctor treating a disease, positive results are much more likely if treatment is started early.  So, it is of prime importance that your defense for a traffic ticket is begun immediately.  CDL ticket lawyer Houston TX is that defense.

CDL Ticket Lawyer Houston gives you peace of mind.

A law enforcement officer writes a traffic ticket, gives you a copy, and leaves you sitting in your rig alongside the road.  Your stomach churns and you may even find yourself trembling as you wonder, “How am I going to explain this to my boss?”  Your next thought is even worse, “How can I keep my wife from worrying about this?”  When you are behind the wheel, your thoughts ought to be on your driving – not on the consequences of being ticketed by a sometimes imperfect system of law enforcement. A call to CDL Ticket Lawyer Houston can give you the peace of mind that you desperately need. Monks Law Firm is the best Lawyers for traffic tickets Houston.

CDL Ticket Lawyer Houston will take the lead.

You may be unfamiliar with the legal landscape. When a CDL operator receives a traffic ticket, CDL Ticket Lawyer Houston can successfully guide you through the maze. The professionals at Monks Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to navigate through traffic laws, and get your life back to normal.  With 45 years of experience in this legal arena, you will have the security of knowing that you are dealing with professionals who can deal with anything that comes up along the way. You can depend on CDL Traffic Lawyer Houston.