Traffic warrants lawyer Houston is needed if there is a warrant out for your arrest, whether a failure to appear (FTA) warrant or a capias traffic warrant. Traffic warrants can lead to jail time, and the possibility of being arrested on a traffic warrant is greatly multiplied in March every year during the annual Great Texas Warrant Round-up.  To potentially avoid many negative consequences, hire a traffic warrants lawyer in Houston.

No Contest or Guilty Plea

Anytime a traffic citation is issued to you, a court date is provided. It is your legal responsibility to appear in court at the assigned date and time, unless you pay fines prior to that date. If you do pay the fines, entering a no contest plea, it is the same as pleading guilty. A traffic conviction can have numerous negative consequences, including the following:

  • The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will add points on your driving record.
  • With an accumulation of points on your driving record, the costly results can include loss of driving privileges.
  • With as few as two points on your driving record, your automobile insurance will likely increase.
  • You may be required to pay annual surcharges and other costly penalties.

You are well advised to hire a traffic warrants lawyer in Houston, even if you abide by all court orders. Having the assistance of an experienced traffic attorney can help you determine the best way to handle a traffic citation.

If you should fail to appear in court for a traffic ticket or if you fail to pay associated fines, you will want to hire a traffic warrants lawyer in Houston because a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

FTA Warrants and Capias Warrants

If you are late for a court appearance or fail to appear altogether, an FTA warrant will almost certainly be issued against you. Obviously, arresting citizens for neglecting traffic citations may seem to be low on the priority list for law enforcement officials. In March every year, however, making arrests on FTA warrants becomes a major priority across Texas.  There is an annual event called the Great Texas Warrant Round-Up which every person with a warrant should be aware of.

A capias warrant may also be issued against you; and if it is, contact a Houston traffic warrants lawyer without delay. The purpose of a capias warrant or a writ of arrest is to ensure that a person is arrested and detained as a guarantee that they will appear in court.

Warrant Round-Up

The united effort every March to arrest citizens on traffic warrants includes more than 300 Texas municipalities, including Harris County. Prior to the big push to make arrests for traffic warrants during the Great Texas Warrant Round-up, there is an amnesty period. During that amnesty period, people who have traffic warrants against them are free to appear in court or take whatever actions are needed without the threat of being arrested. We also serve the Humble TX area and would be glad to be your Humble TX Attorneys for Traffic Tickets.

The negative consequences of traffic convictions can be severe, and being arrested can be more than just a huge embarrassment. Contact a traffic warrants lawyer Houston without delay, if a warrant has been issued for your arrest.