Contact a traffic attorney for help with traffic warrants Houston. Many people don’t realize that when they get a traffic ticket and then fail to appear in court or pay fines assessed against them, a Failure to Appear (FTA) warrant for their arrest will be issued. If you have traffic warrants in Houston, you could be arrested and immediately taken to jail at any time that you are pulled over for a traffic violation of any kind. Other potential consequences of traffic convictions are loss of driving privileges and additional fines, including annual surcharges.

Failure to Appear Warrants

Anytime a motorist receives a traffic citation, the ticket cannot be ignored without traffic warrants in Houston being issued. When a ticket is issued, a court date is provided. On or before the court date, a fee must be paid, which is the same as pleading no contest and is also the equivalent of a guilty plea, as regards the consequences of a traffic conviction in Texas. An alternative to paying the fee on time is to plead not guilty, and a Houston traffic attorney can help with your case.

If you do not appear in court or if you are late, a Failure to Appear (FTA) warrant will virtually always be issued for your arrest. Traffic Warrants Harris County should never be ignored because of an event in the city each March called the Annual Warrant Roundup.

Outstanding traffic warrants in Houston can be resolved by pleading no contest or guilty to the charge on the warrant and paying the fine. As a result of these actions, points are added to your driving record, your insurance rates will go up, and you will possibly be required to pay extra fees, penalties, and surcharges.

Another way to lift traffic warrants in Houston is to plead not guilty and post a bond. You are no longer subject to being arrest if you post a bond. However, you must take advantage of the opportunity to oppose the validity of the traffic ticket, which traffic ticket attorneys can help with. If you successfully fight your traffic charges, you can avoid increased insurance rates and protect your driving record from added points that can ultimately lead to loss of driving privileges and costly annual surcharges.

Capias Warrant

Traffic-related warrants in Houston can also be capias warrants. The goal of issuing a capias warrant is usually to compel someone to take appropriate action in order to be compliant with a court’s original orders. Another way to put it is that capias warrants are designed to arrest and detain individuals for the purpose of guaranteeing appearance in court. If a capias warrant is issued against you, your choices are to pay the fine or go to jail.

A distinction that is common with capias warrants is that they are not generally used for violations involving serious crimes, but jail time is still possible. It is highly recommended that you contact a traffic ticket attorney if FTA or capias traffic warrants Houston are issued against you.