Failure to appear (FTA) warrants and capias traffic warrants Harris County can lead to jail time. Your chances of being arrested are greatly increased in March during the annual Traffic Roundup, in which a concentrated effort is made to arrest people with outstanding traffic warrants in Harris County. It is important to deal with traffic citations appropriately, to avoid harsh and costly consequences.

Traffic Warrants Harris County

If a traffic citation is issued to you, you have a legal responsibility to either pay fines prior to the scheduled court date or appear in court on time. Paying the fine and pleading no contest is equivalent to pleading guilty, and the results include such negative consequences as the following:

  • Increased cost for auto insurance coverage.
  • Points on your driving record.
  • An accumulation of points on your record can lead to driver’s license suspension.
  • Costly penalties and annual surcharges.

It is highly advisable not only to avoid traffic warrants in Harris County by obeying all court orders in traffic cases but to also hire a Houston traffic attorney, whose expertise can be invaluable to you.

When drivers fail to either appear in court for traffic tickets or to pay their fines, traffic warrants in Harris County will be issued.

Failure to Appear and Capias Warrants

FTA traffic warrants in Harris County will almost always be issued for a driver’s arrest if he or she fails to appear in court or if he or she is late. There is an Annual Warrant Roundup in Houston every March in which a concentrated effort is made to arrest as many people as possible who have outstanding warrants, including Harris County traffic warrants.

The goal of issuing capias traffic warrants in Harris County is to force action. Another way of saying “capias warrant” is to say that it is a writ of arrest. A person will be arrested and detained for the express purpose of providing a guarantee that the person will appear in court.

Great Texas Warrant Round-Up

Traffic warrants in Harris County and in other municipalities across Texas are pursued in a huge united effort in March of every year. The event is preceded by a period of amnesty in which people with Harris County traffic warrants can appear in court to make whatever arrangements are appropriate for their case, without the threat of arrest.

Across Texas, more than 300 law enforcement jurisdictions participate in the effort to arrest individuals with outstanding warrants. There are always thousands of active warrants that need to be cleared in Houston, and they are targeted aggressively during this warrant round-up. Arrests can occur at any location, including on the job, at home, and at school. Part of the effort involves the use of a license plate recognition program, and it is effective when parked vehicles are documented at the same locations numerous times.

Traffic warrants Harris County are aggressively pursued each year, and that is just one of the many reasons to contact a Traffic Warrants Lawyer Houston for help with outstanding warrants.