License Suspended need Attorney Houston stands ready to be your defense team.  In Texas, traffic laws and their penalties can be overwhelming, so getting your license restored and your driving record cleared is almost impossible without a team that is knowledgeable, experienced, and hard-working.  Monks Law Firm, the License Suspended need Attorney Houston, is that team.  Our 45 years of experience in dealing with Texas traffic laws has provided us with an intimate knowledge of the system and its procedures that will be highly beneficial to you in the coming weeks.

If your driver’s license has been suspended, your life is about to get even more stressful.  As you have probably learned, Texas traffic laws, like those in many states, operate under a point system. The driving record of an offender is charged a particular number of points for each violation.  Although these points can vary somewhat by county, Texas usually charges 2 points to your driving record for each moving violation, and adds one additional point if the violation caused an accident.  So, if you were exceeding the speed limit and ran a stop sign, causing an accident, you can expect to have 3 points assigned to your driving record for each of the two violations, for a total of 6 points.  Once you reach 6 points, your license will likely be suspended.  If that is your current position,  License Suspended need Attorney Houston have helped you earlier to keep those violations off your record in the first place. Now, it is vital that you call us immediately. Our License Suspended Need Lawyer Houston can help you navigate the justice system with ease.

License Suspended need Attorney Houston Will Guide you Through the Maze.

Now that your license has been suspended, under Texas law, you are about to be classified as a habitual traffic offender, which means that you will incur an annual “assessment surcharge” for every year in which you have 6 or more points assigned to your driving record.  Since your driving record spans every 3 consecutive-year periods, if you were assigned all 6 points in one year, you can be charged the “assessment surcharge” for three years, unless some, or all, of those points, are removed from your record.  License Suspended need Attorney Houston will work to do exactly that.  So, call us today, before even more consequences come your way.

Under Texas traffic laws, you may still have more punishment awaiting you.  If you have had more than 6 points assigned to your driving record, over any 3 consecutive-year periods, you may also be charged $25 per year for each point over 6.  A call to License Suspended needs Attorney Houston can work to stop this even before it begins.

Monks Law Firm, the License Suspended need Attorney Houston, will stand by your side in court, protecting your constitutional rights, guiding you through the process of getting your driving privileges restored while working to clear your driving record, and helping relieve your stressful situation.