Lawyers for Suspended License Houston is ready to help you.  If your Texas driver’s license has been suspended, whether yours is a regular license or a commercial license, give us a call.  We can help you get back on the road again.

Now that your license has been suspended, you are going to face additional problems.  In the state of Texas, like many other states, traffic violations operate under a point system, whereby your driving record is assigned points for each violation.  Although a few violations may be assigned no points, for most violations you are penalized 2 points.  If the violation causes an accident, you are penalized for one additional point.  So, if you are exceeding the speed limit and cause an accident, while deemed to be intoxicated, you can immediately be awarded 6 points, which will cause the suspension of your driver’s license.  You’re there, so don’t hesitate.  Call the Lawyers for Suspended License Houston today, because your situation is about to get worse.

Now that your driving record has been penalized 6 points or more, you are subject to being charged an assessment surcharge of $100 per year as a “habitual traffic offender,” plus an additional annual charge of $25 for each point you have received in excess of 6 points.  These charges cover any consecutive 3-year periods, which means that, if your record has been penalized 10 points in one year, these additional charges alone could add up to $600 over a three-year period.  You need to be dialing Monks Law Firm, the best Lawyers for Suspended License Houston.

Lawyers for Suspended License Houston Have the Knowledge and Experience.

With 45 years experience dealing with traffic laws in the state of Texas, Monks Law Firm can provide the assistance you need, in order to restore your driver’s license and clear your driving record.  Working with the court system daily, Lawyers for Suspended License Houston is completely knowledgeable of the traffic laws and procedures.  Monks Law Firm works zealously on behalf of their clients, pursuing client objectives while protecting the client’s constitutional rights.

Lawyers for Suspended License Houston knows that having your license to drive suspended is a stressful situation.  When you have no driving privileges, transportation to your work-place depends on the schedule of others, and that, in turn, may negatively affect your work performance.  In some cases, it can even cause the loss of your job.  Furthermore, a suspended license will increase the cost of your automobile insurance, and the financial burden of traffic fines and penalties can make the stress seem unbearable, but Lawyers for Suspended License Houston can help relieve those burdens and stress, so pick up the phone and let Monks Law Firm go to work for you.