Are you in need of a Humble TX suspended license lawyer? There are many instances where someone could get their license suspended for a situation that may have not been their fault. It can cause a lot of unwanted issues that will bring more and more stress to people’s lives. If you are subjected to this or know someone who has, Monk’s Law can help. We have attorneys who can provide specific care and aid in your case. You won’t be alone, and there are a lot of ways that a lawyer can get you a hearing that will be less costly and time-consuming.

Our complex understanding of Texas Law and the ability to maneuver through the legal system with ease puts us in a prime position to help you. Make sure that you get in contact with us as soon as possible, we offer free consultations that can give you the right perspective going forward. It’s important to keep a level head and stay aware of your options. Monk’s Law will ensure that you have all of the elements at your service.

Ways To Get A Suspended License

Your license is more than just a legal document saying that you passed a driving test. It represents your rights and your liberty to exercise them. Driving is a right that we have to earn and then maintain up until the day that we no longer desire to drive. It is dangerous but very effective at getting us places in a short time. The reason that there are so many laws and regulations on driving is because of how much is at stake.

In order to ensure that you can maintain this right, you have to adhere to all of these rulings with little to no deviation. However, if you do incur a violation or have a felony, the law states that you can have your driving privileges revoked. It’s usually a result of a serious or frequent legal infraction. We’ll explain some of the problems that could potentially have your license suspended below:

  • Too many points on your driving record

    • In the state of Texas, they go off of a point system for your driving record. The number of wrecks, citations, accidents, and so on, account for a certain degree of points. If you reach the amount of 6 points, you will be charged a certain amount of fines. If you receive four or more moving violations within a one-year period in Texas, your license will be suspended. Furthermore, seven or more violations within a two-year period result in license suspension also.
  • Severe moving violations 

    • This essentially regards the cases that are typically on purpose or reckless. This can either mean you were a very dangerous driver on the road, or you actually got into a hit-and-run incident. Other instances can be DWIs and possibly school-zone infractions. All of these options can potentially end in driver’s license suspension. In addition, suspensions can also occur if you refuse to take a blood-alcohol test.
  • Driving before you have a license or with no insurance

    • For younger teens and adults that have not yet gotten their driving test, if you are caught driving without a valid license you can have your official licenses suspended or delayed from being able to acquire it. Also, if you get into an accident without insurance, the state may decide to suspend your license even if it wasn’t your fault.
  • A physical impairment

    • For your own safety, the state of Texas will ensure that all drivers are fully capable. If they have a disability or impairment that diminishes their driving capabilities below a safe level, a suspension of your license may be the best option for yourself and other drivers on the road. This can be due to failing a state-mandated vision exam, having a seizure or some other kind of issue that could be detrimental when driving.
Houston TX Suspended Drivers License

Moving violations affect your car insurance and license eligibility.

In Search For A Humble TX Suspended License Lawyer?

If you were subject to a license suspension, we can help. Whether this is a reduction in your fines, a shorter jail sentence, or even a potential dismissal and early reinstatement of your license. It simply depends on the circumstances that you are in. In situations where you did not receive notice or you were not aware that you were in violation of any law. We can always help argue your case with the potential of early reinstatement after certain programs are completed.

This is still considered a serious offense though, and on some occasions, a dismissal may not be possible. Other reduced penalties like limited suspension are also possible. This will allow you to still work, go to school, and other recreational or court-mandated activities. In the event that you had a DWI, an ignition interlock device can be placed on your car. This means you must take a breathalyzer test for traces of alcohol before you can start your car. It may not be the most comfortable of situations, but it will certainly be better than having no car at all!

Don’t Drive With A Suspended License!

This is also considered very serious, as you could potentially land in jail after driving without a valid license. While it could merely be a fine for your first offense, the nature of the offense can determine if it is a class B or a class C misdemeanor and therefore result in a permanent mark on your criminal record. That tarnished record will be viewable by your potential employers, business partners and any institution looking to provide you with financial or economic services. This is why we highly urge you to go to an attorney who can help you before you make a severe mistake. Allow us to be your Humble TX Lawyer Speeding Ticket to avoid these kinds of penalties.

Houston TX Suspended Drivers License

We’ll defend you at your suspended license hearing!

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Getting a Humble TX suspended license lawyer for your case can make a huge difference. Instead of having to have it marked on your record and deal with the worst scenario, let one of our lawyers help with your defense. They can mitigate the charges and coordinate a solution that sees you in the most advantageous position possible. We want to make sure that your liberties and driving privileges remain in your possession.

Our years of experience can really help your situation. A little legal advice can help the average Texas driver stay on the road and free from legal constraints. If you believe that you could gain from our services, please give us a call! Our number is (713) 666-6657 but you can also visit our website to reach us and find out more information. We hope to hear from you soon!


  • The city was titled Humble after a man named Pleasant Smith “Plez” Humble
  • The multicultured George Bush Intercontinental Airport is in this area as well.
  • In 1933, the City of Humble was incorporated.
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