Are you at risk of having a Houston TX Suspended Drivers License? You should call Monks Law Firm so that we can help you. Our attorneys have practiced law for decades. We can assist with all of your traffic tickets and traffic-related offenses. A suspended license is a huge inconvenience and you should avoid license suspension by any means possible. If you drive with a suspended Texas driver’s license, a small car accident can get you charged with a felony. Don’t risk your life and career by driving with a suspended license. Instead, call our law firm. We can help you avoid the situation entirely, and in most cases, can get our clients out of tricky legal situations.

At Monks Law firm, our attorneys handle cases in several different legal areas. Therefore, we’re the law firm in Houston best equipped to defend your case. Particularly if your traffic case has elements of other legal issues, such as possession or criminal activity, we have the experience you need on your side. Instead of calling an attorney that primarily specializes in black-and-white traffic cases and speeding tickets, you need a lawyer who has a broader range of experience. Therefore, you need an attorney from Monks Law Firm. We’ll consult with you about your situation and discuss how we can assemble the best defense. We’ve been able to save many clients from getting their licenses suspended and want to offer our services to you. Sometimes, you don’t even have to go to court! You can live your normal life while we handle your traffic and license issues.

Houston TX Suspended Drivers License

Texas Department of Public Safety DPS takes moving violations very seriously.

Why You Might Get a Houston TX Suspended Drivers License

There are quite a few reasons your license might get suspended. Some of these reasons involve other criminal charges. In other cases, an accumulation of minor traffic offenses is the culprit. Fortunately, our attorneys can help you through any situation.

Multiple Moving Violations

If you commit several violations within a certain timeframe, your license can be suspended. If you’ve received several tickets this year, the importance of taking your case to court becomes more and more prominent. While you might not see the drawbacks of paying your first ticket off, if you’ve received three or four, contesting the ticket becomes practically mandatory if you want to keep your license.

You have more chances, per se, if your moving violations were relatively minor. Smaller infractions earn fewer points on your driving record. On the other hand, more serious offenses, such as speeding 20+ mph over the speed limit, earn more points. If you commit multiple infractions that earn 2 points each, you technically only get three strikes before license suspension. On the other hand, you might get away with as many as 7 moving violations in a year if they all are worth 0 points. However, why try to nail down the specifics of how moving violations you can commit in a year when you can fight every ticket in court and eliminate your chances of license suspension?

Serious Violations

Some violations will result in instant driver’s license suspension. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of any drug or alcohol will get your licenses suspended for up to two years. Also, if you commit violations that conflict with an endorsement on your license, you could lose your driving privilege. For example, if your license states that you need corrective lenses to drive and you’re pulled over and don’t have your glasses on, you could lose your license. In some cases, even car accidents can result in license suspension.

Fortunately, you have the option to take your case to court and prevent suspension. It’s never a great idea to take the case to court yourself. You definitely should try to represent yourself when your license is on the line. Call our law firm and get the assistance of experienced attorneys.

Houston TX Suspended Drivers License

Moving violations affect your car insurance and license eligibility.

How to Avoid License Suspension

You can prevent license suspension is many cases by taking every ticket seriously. Every ticket goes on your driving record for years. Therefore, we recommend that you take every ticket to court. For the best chances of avoiding license suspension, you should call us as soon as you receive your first traffic violation. If you get multiple tickets within a time period, your license can be suspended.

Specifically, accumulating more than 6 points on your driving record will cost you at least $100 each year in license fees. Furthermore, points stay on your record for three years, so you’ll usually have to pay a surcharge for multiple years until you have fewer than 6 points on your record.

Not every traffic violation earns points! For example, speeding less than 10 miles over the speed limit earns 0 points on your records. However, Texas also has limitations on how many violations you can have on your record, whether they earn points or not. Commit too many moving violations within a 12 month period, and your license will be a high risk for suspension. Therefore, even if you won’t get points, you shouldn’t just pay a ticket and forget about it. When you successfully contest a ticket, it doesn’t go on your record and you don’t suffer any penalty. Take your chances in court with us at your side and you’ll be at even less risk of license suspension.

Houston TX Suspended Drivers License

We’ll defend you at your license suspension hearing!

What To Do Next

If you’ve committed an offense and the penalty is license suspension, call our law firm. We can assist you down to the smallest detail, such as what to wear and who to bring to court with you. And that’s if you even have to come to court!

In fact, you should call Monks Law Firm if you got a traffic ticket, whether you’re at risk of Houston TX Suspended Drivers License or not. We’ll do everything we can and get that moving violation off of your record. Our award-winning law firm can handle issues from red light camera “tickets” to 1st-degree felony assault. We treat every traffic ticket as though your right to drive is on the line—because it is. Call us at (713) 666-6657 or contact us online for exceptional legal assistance. Allow us to be your Houston TX Suspended Drivers License Attorney.

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