You need a Houston TX Suspended Drivers License Attorney whether your license is at immediate risk of suspension or not. We take cases to traffic court every day and keep our clients’ money, and license, in their pocket. There’s really no benefit to paying a traffic ticket. Not only will you spend money paying for the ticket itself, but you’ll also notice a steep increase in your auto insurance premiums. By the time the ticket comes off of your driving record, you’ll have spent up to thousands more dollars in additional penalties. Furthermore, when a violation goes on your record, it stays there for three to five years. During that time, additional violations can add up. If you commit multiple violations within a 12-month-period, you can lose your license.

What are you supposed to do with a suspended license? You still have to go to work and take care of business. Chances are, you’ll drive around with a suspended license. If you get caught, you’ll suffer additional penalties and your license will be revoked. While a suspension is temporary, a revocation of your license is permanent. Thus, over the span of a few months or a year, you could lose the privilege to legally drive for the rest of your life. You’ll take a risk every time you get in a car and could even face jail time. Your life will be filled with annoyance and inconvenience because you’ll always have to ask for rides or call for a taxi or Lyft. Why put yourself at risk when you could just call Monks law firm? We are the perfect solution to the search Lawyers for Suspended License Houston.

Houston TX Suspended Drivers License Attorney

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Reasons for Drivers License Suspension

Unfortunately, there’s no one way to get a driver’s license suspended. Therefore, there’s no one way to avoid it. Even traffic accidents can result in license suspension in certain cases.

Too Many Points

Most moving violations in the state of Texas accumulate points on your driver’s license. If you get more than 6 points in a 12-month-period, your license will be suspended. Therefore, we believe that you should take every traffic violation to the court. You may have paid off a ticket that you had a strong case for and got points on your license. Later, when you commit a violation that you can’t successfully contest (especially once the judge sees that you’ve had a previous violation), you’ll wish you didn’t have that first violation on your record. If you get over 6 points, you’ll pay an extra $100 each year, plus $25 for each additional point. Even worse, points stay on your record for years, so you probably won’t just have a one-time fee.

Too Many Violations

Even if your moving violation didn’t accrue any points, you should still fight your ticket in traffic court. When you get more than four violations in a 12 month period or more than 7 in 24 months, your license will be suspended. We can help if it gets to that point, but we recommend that you fight your case when the stakes are much lower. Most violations that don’t earn points on your driver’s license are pretty easy to contest. Don’t let infractions add up and put your license at risk.

Houston TX Suspended Drivers License Attorney

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Your license will be suspended if you drive while intoxicated (21+ years old) or drive under the influence (under 21). If you don’t yet have a license, you’ll have to wait until the suspension is over to get one. DUIs and DWIs are serious offenses that can impact your ability to find work, interfere with certain school awards, and more. Furthermore, Houston deals with drug-related offenses very sternly. Some of the harshest penalties on crime are imposed for drug-related offenses. If your traffic violation involved drugs, including marijuana, alcohol, or tobacco 9if you are a minor), you need legal defense.

No matter how the violation occurred, we advise you to not try to defend yourself in court. Even if you’re taking the proceedings very seriously, you’ll be looked upon as unprofessional and not invested in the outcome. Calling a bad lawyer will do you more favors than defending yourself. However, calling a bad lawyer is a total waste of money. Call Monks Law Firm instead and get the help of a suspended drivers license attorney who can actually help you in court in more ways than making you look better.

License Already Suspended

If you can’t drive, you shouldn’t drive. It doesn’t matter whether your license was already suspended, you don’t have auto insurance on the vehicle you’re driving, or you can’t drive for any other reason. Fortunately, we can prevent you from losing your license in the first place. If we need to, we can also keep you from suffering even worse consequences for driving without a valid license. However, the stakes are even higher in this case. The next step after a suspension is a revocation, so you could lose your license forever. In other cases, you might even be at risk of getting jail time and hefty fines. At the very least, your license will be suspended for an even longer period of time. Call us if you’re caught driving without a license.

Houston TX Suspended Drivers License Attorney

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Our skilled attorneys have over 30 years of experience and have successfully handled thousands of cases. Not only do our attorneys take traffic tickets to municipal court, but we also fight criminal cases, DUI/DWI offenses, and deal with probate and litigation. Thus, if your traffic violation also involved illegal substances, intoxication, or injury to another person, you need us on your side. We handle cases of varying levels of severity because we have the experience and we get results.

Call Monks Law Firm at (713) 666-6657 if you need any legal defense. If you prefer, you can contact us online. When you need a Houston TX Suspended Drivers License Attorney, you need an attorney who has been in the toughest criminal courts. we’ve won awards for our exceptional legal defense. Your career and livelihood are at risk with a license suspension. The consequences and nuisances of a suspended license can be completely avoided with our help.

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