In Houston, when you are pulled over for being suspected of driving while intoxicated (DWI), the possibility that you will be arrested once you step out of your car is 90 % in Houston TX. This means that when you are arrested by the police for suspension of driving while intoxicated you will most likely be arrested and will be in need of an attorney. The Texas laws on drunk driving are very strict. The worst part about these laws is that many people are arrested wrongfully. Those arrested for this crime face serious charges whose penalty include jail time if convicted.

There are various ways to challenge these changes with our expert DWI attorneys. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients facing these serious legal challenges. We have vast experience and knowledge of this law having represented many people over the years. Our experience-rich background helps us in ensuring that your rights are protected to the fullest. Having practiced law for a long time, our lawyers understand that good people at times make mistakes or are accused wrongly. Therefore, each and everyone deserves good representation when it comes to charges of this magnitude.

Driving and drugs

Charges of DWI are not limited to drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. The law states that it is also a crime to drive while one is under the influence of other drugs whether the drug is illegal or legal. The problem in most cases is determining the amount of these drugs that are in the system of the suspected person. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs you should seek the assistance of our expert attorneys. We have experience in handling DWI cases. You will be assured that our attorneys will do everything to ensure that your driving rights are protected.

Whether you have been arrested for first time DWI, multiple DWI, out of state DWI, or manslaughter DWI charges we are ready to utilize our experience to ensure that you get a strong defense. With our experience, we can get your charges dropped or reduced to ensure that you maintain your driving privileges.

The law enforcers in Houston claim that breathalyzers are always 100% correct. Many people are arrested because of a violation of procedures when they are pulled over. Proving that the right procedures were not used is always important to us. This is because of the fact that we are equipped with modern investigative tools.  From time to time Houston Law enforcers violated the right procedures. We are therefore the best attorney to assist you when charged with these crimes.

People charged with DWI are faced with various serious consequences. These include huge fines, increased insurance premiums, loss of jobs, and loss of their driving licenses. It is therefore important to ensure that one is not convicted of these chargers and or best defense is presented. Our team of expert attorneys in Houston will ensure that you get proper representation on all DWI cases. You will be in good hands by calling us because we are the best dwi lawyer in Houston.