Houston drunk driving Attorney is Monks Law Firm.  In the state of Texas, being cited for drunk driving can entail serious consequences, which could last for years to come.  It is essential that legal representation is sought immediately.


Traffic laws and court procedures are complicated, so it is always a good idea to have someone on your side to help guide you through the hurdles.  That’s where Monks Law Firm, the Houston drunk driving Attorney, shines.  Having defended our clients for over 45 years, Monks Law Firm has the knowledge and experience needed to well-represent you.  We take our work seriously.  We don’t stand behind you; we stand in front of you, placing our expertise between you and the state of Texas.  Whenever you need a Houston drunk driving Attorney, give us a call at 713-666-6657.


We all make mistakes.  We are all innately human, and humans are imperfect.  Drivers make mistakes, and honorable law enforcement officers also make mistakes.  Without the guidance of an attorney Houston TX, a driver’s mistake can become a mountain of consequences, but a good traffic attorney can reduce that mountain into a level field, often without the client even going to court.   Whatever your driving background maybe, you are entitled to legal defense.  Use that entitlement wisely by calling on Houston drunk driving Attorney.


Houston drunk driving Attorney – Defending you is what we do.


Under Texas traffic laws, drivers may have their licenses charged various numbers of points as a result of convicted infractions.  When the number of accumulated points charged to a particular driver’s license, within a three-year period, is deemed to be excessive, the license may be suspended.  Monks Law firm is fully aware of all the intricacies of the Texas traffic code, and our knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the traffic courts is extensive.  Our competent, highly-trained attorneys and support staff will give you an edge when it comes to protecting your driving privileges.  Don’t let penalty points get charged to your license.  Instead, call on the Houston drunk driving Attorney to defend that license before any points are charged against it.


In most cases, family welfare depends upon parents maintaining a valid driver’s license.  When even one of those licenses is suspended or revoked, family life suffers.  In our fast-paced world, it isn’t easy to accomplish all the daily family tasks when one of the parents is unable to drive.  Continually maintaining your driving privileges is important to you and your family.  Monks Law Firm can help keep your driving record clean, leaving you free to live the life you enjoy.  So, whenever you need a Houston drunk driving Attorney, call Monks Law Firm immediately.  You won’t regret it.