Answer: Bring all your witnesses and/or evidence that may aid in your defense in court (pictures may need to be taken; evidence and witnesses subpoenaed long before this court date, and stay in contact with your attorney.

Answer: Not necessarily. A traffic ticket is a class C misdemeanor. It’s a criminal case, but punishable by fine only. There are several options if you elect to stay out of court. Your criminal defense attorney in Houston can move to dismiss on the motion docket or can move to dismiss as part of a plea bargain deal. If you are not the holder of a CDL, we can sign you up for defensive driving, or deferred adjudication

Answer: It depends on the court. Click here for a listing of courts by address, phone and website link.

Let us know that appearing in court is not possible. Our criminal defense lawyers in Houston will come up with a plan.

Answer: The legal system is very complex. An experienced traffic attorney is familiar with dealing with the ins and outs of traffic court. The Monks lawyers are not only experienced, but some of the best Houston criminal defense lawyers in this field holding leadership positions at the local and State levels. Your attorney can handle many of the time-consuming procedures that can deter well-intentioned motorist from exercising their right to contest their ticket. Your attorney can allow you to avoid going to this arraignment, and can actually set a court date, file motions and disposed of your case without your appearance in court if your wish. In other words, we can save you the trip to the courthouse in most cases if you want. While you may have gone to court over a traffic ticket once or twice, your attorney has handled countless violations over the years. We are some of the best criminal defense attorneys in Houston and ready to fight your case.

Answer: It depends on the court. Your attorney will explain this in more detail once they know the details of your particular situation.

Answer: Here are a few quick tips to make your time in court successful. It is important to be on time. Try to get to court a little early. Do not wear shorts, tank tops or sandal-type shoes. Try not to bring young children to court as distractions can adversely affect your case. Finally, when a court is in session, you must turn off all cellular phones and pagers, stop talking, and put away reading material.

Answer: Of course, it depends on the court and the conditions. Just email the probation order to Pat Monks(, or fax to 713-661-5302.

Of course, we can. We represent all the major trucking driver’s plans of the U.S. Having a CDL means that you can’t sign up for driving safety course or take deferred disposition on your case. But there are many ways, unique to your case, and the court that can implement to resolve your case.

Answer: These tickets aren’t tickets at all. They are civil penalties much like parking tickets. Payment of these tickets doesn’t affect your license in any way.

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