December 23, 2019

Expunctions/ Case Dismissed

Removing arrests and convictions from your public record is the process of expunction. If you don’t have an expunction, your history can be viewed by schools, employers, and others. Monks Law Firm can assist you in keeping such information set aside. Having a criminal record can affect you in getting job interviews. Can you imagine having a minor mark on your record that prevents you from living your life? You can get weighed down by one small mistake you did in your past, haunting you for the rest of your life.

Attorneys at Monk

Monk Law Firm

Monks Law Firm understands how important it is for you to want to turn your life around. Being judged by a mark from your past can seem daunting. After all, we all deserve a second chance. Thus, at our law firm, we believe in second chances. You should be able to continue living your life in good standing without continually being rejected for future opportunities due to a past mistake. Our criminal defense and ticket lawyers have over seventy years of experience in their field. Mike and Pat Monks bring a family representation to their clients when dealing with legal matters.

Second Chances Matter

Therefore, you can count on our law firm to get the job done. We’re able to handle traffic tickets, probates, civil lawsuits, and criminal defense cases. By having us as your representative, we can fight for you and get you the best outcome possible. Perhaps the most common violations are traffic tickets. Tickets can be issued to you due to speeding, driving without insurance, running a red light, toll violations, and a slue of other offenses. Some people tend to sit on traffic tickets before they become a more significant issue.

Accident license suspensions

Don’t suffer from a suspended license, contest!

However, we advise you to take action! You don’t want to face the consequences such as losing your license, or worse, going to jail. Allowing us to step in before the situation becomes more serious will benefit you greatly. Don’t live your life trying to escape your past continuously. Face it head-on with us by your side. Retake control of your future and strive to get out of your situation.