September 13, 2019

End of the DRP Reign

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If you aren’t aware of the Driver Responsibility Program (DRP), here is a quick briefing. This program prevented more than one million Texans from reclaiming or keeping their driver’s license. If a citizen committed a driving offense, they’d not only have to pay traffic tickets but annual fees. These annual fees ranged from one-hundred dollars to two thousand dollars depending on the offense. As a result, the system prevented drivers to keep their license or reclaim it because of the continuous surcharges. DRP has been criticized for stealing money from its citizens.

Mike and Pat Monks are well established attorneys at Monks Law Firm. With our experience, we are ready to fight for you if you were affected by the program. Traffic tickets are one of their many areas of expertise. We understand traffic citations are not only inconvenient but costly. DRP especially makes it difficult to get a leg up on the already hectic situation. Their law firm can help you retrieve your license and get you back on the road. We are ready to find the best possible outcome for you.

Cases Monks Law Firm Challenges for You

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Speeding, misdemeanors, DUI’s, and criminal offenses are all cases you shouldn’t be alone for. Monks Law Firm is committed to defending your rights. In addition, no matter the case, our dedication to your needs is unwavering. Our attorneys also provide the best advice according to the situation you’re in. Representing yourself can leave you walking out of court with no benefits. If we take on your case, Monks Law Firm assures to appear in court to negotiate on your behalf.

Even if your driver’s license has been suspended, Monks can still get you back on the road. Depending on your situation, attorneys can help you receive an occupational driver’s license. Therefore, an occupational driver’s license still allows you to operate a non-commercial vehicle for specific tasks. These tasks include work, school-related activities, and essential household duties.

In short, this means you can still use your vehicle for everyday tasks you need to live. Though it cannot be used for any purposes outside of what was mentioned, you can still drive for things needed.

Monks Law Firm is the Way to Go

Consider contacting Monks Law Firm today if you were affected by DRP. A simple phone call can only help you if you seek to get back on the road. If you’re suffering, do not let the law’s mistake be your consequence to live with. Take a stand and get an attorney to help you today!