November 22, 2019

Drug/Alcohol Suspensions Are Not Final With Us

The legal limit for intoxication in Texas is 0.08 breath or blood alcohol concentration (or BAC). If you get pulled over while drunk driving, you’re more than likely to have your license suspended until the specified date of return. Monks Law Firm fights to reduce or annul your suspension. When you get your suspension, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Monks Law Firm, and we’ll get you back on the road before you know it. All it takes is one phone call to our office, and we’ll set up a consultation to determine the best course of action for you.

Accident license suspensions

Drug/alcohol suspensions don’t have to slow you down

How Drug/Alcohol Suspensions Work

When you get pulled over for a DUI or DWI, the officer will confiscate your license and provide you with a citation that acts as your temporary license for at least ten days. After those ten days, your license is suspended for six months to one year. For first-time DUI/DWI convictions, your license suspension must last at least 180 days. It is essential to note that DUI/DWI arrests do not necessarily result in a conviction.

How We Help You Get Your License Back

If you lose your license to a DUI/DWI, then you may not be required to wait for the entire suspension to get back on the road. Monks Law Firm does everything in its power to prevent a suspension, but if it is inevitable, then we do the next best thing. If you need to drive for work, school, or household duties, then Monks Law Firm can at least manage to get you an ODL. An Occupational Driver’s License will come with many restrictions. However, you’ll be able to drive for the essential purposes until your license suspension is up. Monks Law Firm advises you on the entire ODL process and the requirements.

Drug/Alcohol Suspensions

Make sure you get the right defense, with Monks Law Firm

Alternatively, you can request an ALR hearing to appeal the suspension. But you have to act fast, because if you don’t request the ALR hearing within the first 15 days after the traffic stop, then the suspension will take effect forty days after your arrest.

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