October 10, 2019

Don’t Lose Your License To An Accident

When you’re involved in an accident, you can come out of it feeling dizzy and disoriented. While the experience can be harrowing, the worst may be yet to come. If the accident is severe enough, or you’re frequently in them, your license can be under threat of suspension. Monks Law Firm is here to help you avoid that with our expert legal team. We’re here to aid you in driving smart and avoiding license suspension. Here at Monks Law Firm, convenience and fairness is our game, and keeping you covered is how we accomplish just that.

Accident license suspensions

Don’t suffer from a suspended license, contest!

How Accidents In Houston Get Your License Suspended

Getting into an accident is something everyone avoids. But no matter what, eventually, we all make mistakes. It’s completely normal, but when it happens too often, you risk losing your license for an undetermined amount of time. Monks Law Firm knows how important it is for you to stay on the road, so we fight to keep your license free from suspension. To avoid suspensions in the first place, it’s essential to know how exactly you could face suspension. That starts by knowing what is considered a traffic violation.

Multiple Infractions

Accident suspensions often occur when you’ve been at fault for numerous accidents over time. Your license can also be suspended for multiple traffic violations of any kind. Once you receive more than three tickets, it becomes almost necessary to take your case to court. Contesting your tickets can dramatically reduce the chances of one of these violations suspending your license. Ultimately it becomes about how many points you earn on your driving record. Smaller infractions earn fewer points so that you can be forgiven for minor violations. However, calculating these points can be tricky, so we highly recommend contesting each ticket, so none of them go on your record.

Instant Suspension

Other infractions will lead to an immediate suspension. You can lose your license if the car accident is severe enough or you drive without corrective lenses. If you receive a citation for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, officers can also confiscate your license on the spot. While avoiding any of these is ideal, sometimes we still slip up and face suspension for up to two years.

Accident license suspensions

Monks Law Firm is here to prevent license suspension

Avoid License Suspension The Smart Way

To avoid losing your license to an accident, it’s essential to always to contest these tickets, but not alone. When challenging alone, you can get lost in technical terms and long court hours. Monks Law Firm is here to cut through the confusion for you. We operate to avoid suspension and reduce court fines as much as possible. Our experienced attorneys are here to aid you, so you can stay on the road and towards more important things. Call us today at (713) 666-6657, or find us online. Get Monks Law Firm, and let’s keep you away from accident license suspension.