When it comes to Pearland TX criminal lawyers, you need the best in the Houston Texas area. That’s where Monks Law Firm comes in. Our legal team uses professional practices and methods to ensure that those facing criminal charges are given accurate legal representation. Our law office is eager to assist you with any kind of legal issue, including those accused of a crime or dealing with personal injury. When you contact us for your free consultation, we’ll gather all the information we need and devise a strategy for your accused felony or misdemeanor charge. Other criminal defense firms can claim that they are the best in Pearland, Texas. Only Monks Law Firm has over 70 combined years of experience and a proven track record of over 2500 clients to back up our claim to fame.

You need a criminal defense lawyer who is versed in every area of law you may encounter, and that’s exactly what you get with Monks Law Firm. Don’t treat criminal charges like no big deal, call us today and we’ll discuss what we can do for you. After speaking to one of our representatives, you’ll see what makes Monks Law Firm Houston TX’s premier law attorneys.

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Our criminal defense attorneys operate with the mission to achieve the best outcome for you. We remain available and affordable in order to make it as convenient as possible for you to hire us. We know that results are the essential aspect of hiring an attorney, and we use our expertise to accomplish just that. No matter what kind of civil or criminal charge you’re facing, Monks Law Firm brings its A-game every time. We bring our best effort into every case because, while it’s one of many for us, we know that for you, it’s very serious. Our very own Mike and Pat Monks provide quality legal counsel for all of our clients. These brothers have experience in a variety of areas of law and use their knowledge to provide you with the best defense.

Pat Monks

Graduating from South Texas College of Law, Pat Monks became a licensed attorney in 1984. He served as a past president and founding member of the Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas, past president of the Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Association and current president of the Group Legal Services Association. To Pat Monks, results are the most important thing when it comes to his clients’ cases.

That’s why he prides himself on bringing his A-game to every case, no matter how big or small. The younger Monks brother has dedicated his career serving Harris County to the best of his abilities. Through his service, he’s established himself as one of Houston’s top-tier lawyers. So whether your facing criminal charges or just a civil lawsuit, Pat has got your back.

Mike Monks

Not to be shown up by his younger brother, Mike Monks sports an equally impressive record. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Houston College of Business and went on to graduate from the University of Houston Law Center with a Juris doctorate. After this, Mike continued on with his career by trying countless cases across the greater Houston area, claiming over two thousand and five hundred dismissals for his clients.

Mike Monks not only dedicates his practice to serving his clients but to also further the boundaries of attorney service. To this effect, Mike served on the Board of Directors for the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association and was the first president of the Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Association. From there, he went on to serve the Harris County Criminal Courts Veteran Court and many other committees of the Houston Bar Association. In addition, Mike Monks has also been certified by Justice for Vets. Mike’s most valuable experience as a lawyer has been knowing that he does everything he can for the clients that have put their trust in him.

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We here at Monks Law Firm understand that you face courts for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s felony assault, drug possession, or just probate, going it alone will only weaken your chances. That’s why Monks Law Firm offers a number of services such as civil litigation, criminal defense, and much more. This way, you don’t have to face the courts and plaintiffs solo. Because at Monks Law Firm, we’re here to ensure that you get a fair shake no matter what case you face.

Criminal Defense

When you tackle a criminal charge, it can be intimidating. That’s where we come in. We make the whole process simpler and easy to understand, so you don’t get tricked into anything. We also focus on getting you a not guilty verdict, so you don’t have to deal with false accusations or overtly harsh punishments. So whether it’s a DUI/DWI, felony assault, misdemeanor assault, or other criminal cases, don’t wait to call Monks Law Firm.

Civil Litigation

For the Monks brothers, civil litigations are a dime a dozen. This brother team has dealt with civil cases since the beginning of their career, so you know they’re up to the task. Even though we’ve been offering civil representation for over 20 years, we still tackle every case like it’s the most important one to date. We do this because we know that it’s important to you.

There are a plethora of civil litigation types, and knowing the difference between so you know which one you’re in danger of. The most common type of litigation comes from Breach of Contract, so it’s essential to read that fine print before you sign. In addition to that, there are instances of fraud and trade secrets that you should avoid getting mixed up in. After that, we also offer services for mediation and arbitration, so you know you’re getting a fair mediator with Monks Law Firm.

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Monks Law Firm knows that facing these charges and the court system can be confusing and downright scary. But that’s why we’re here; to make your court experience as painless and clear as possible. It all starts when you call us at (713) 666-6657 or find us online. Get the Pearland TX criminal lawyers that fight for you today.

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris County are the three counties that Pearland extends into
  • Pearland was originally named “Mark Belt” before being renamed
  • 1934 marks the year that oil was discovered in Pearland
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