When it comes to a Humble TX criminal defense lawyer, you want the best in the business watching your back. At Monks Law Firm, we strive to be the best choice for all of your legal needs. Whether it’s a white-collar crime or other legal issues, our team is more than up to the task. We’ll ensure that you get a fair trial if you’re charged with a crime. Harris County needs trial attorneys that fight for justice and fairness across the board. As criminal defense attorneys at law in Humble, Texas, our law office is dedicated to providing the best service and results to our clients. When you call in, we offer a free consultation to advise on your criminal charges and criminal cases.

You should never take a criminal charge brought against you lightly, as it can lead to outrageous fines and even significant jail time. Thoughts like that can be scary, so make it less scary with our lawyers. Make your first choice the right choice, with Monks Law Firm. Our staff is on standby to assist you in any way we can, all it takes is one phone call to get started.

A Humble TX Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Count On

Monks Law Firm has over 20 years of experience to contest the criminal justice system for our clients. With over 70 years of combined total experience, our attorneys use the legal education they received from law school to protect your best interests and ensure that you receive justice for false allegations and accusations. When you hire us for your legal defense, you’re employing a team that is dedicated to providing quality client support and sound legal advice. Mike and Pat Monks are a lawyer/brother team that doesn’t give up until they’ve done all they can for their clients. With our extensive list of services, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best attorneys in Houston.

Mike Monks

As the elder Monks brother, Mike Monks achieved notoriety as a lawyer early in his career. Mike always strived to do his best, graduating magna cum laude from the University of Houston College of Business. After that, he graduated from the University of Houston Law Center with a Juris doctorate. Once he was in practice, Mike got started trying thousands of cases to aid his clients all across Harris County. With over 2,500 dismissals and not guilty verdicts under his belt, Mike Monks’ most significant achievement is providing results for the clients that trust him.

Humble TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

Mike Monks

As an attorney, he was the first president of the Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Association. In addition to that, he also served on the Board of Directors for the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association. Beyond that, Mike has served on a variety of committees of the Houston Bar Association, such as the Harris County Criminal Courts Veteran Court. He is also board-certified by Justice for Vets.

Pat Monks

The younger Monks brother sports an equally impressive resume as well. In 1984, he graduated from South Texas College of Law and went on to serve as president for a multitude of committees. Committees such as the Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas, the Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Association, and the current president of the Group Legal Services Association.

Humble TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

Pat Monks

Pat Monks dedicates his practice to achieving dismissals and not guilty verdicts for his clients. Because Pat understands that the most critical aspect of being a lawyer is providing the best results for their clients every time. For the Monks team, client satisfaction is what drives us to be our very best in every case. Despite having thousands of clients over the years, we treat every new client as if they are our the most vital one yet.

Our Team Focuses on Every Legal Need You Have

No matter what kind of legal situation you may be in, Monks Law Firm has the expertise and knowledge to tackle it. We offer services in criminal defense, civil litigation, traffic violations, and probate. When you call in for your consultation, we’ll inquire what service it is you’re interested in and gather all of the relevant information for your meeting. We’ll travel to your assigned courthouse and fight for you, regardless of the charge. So don’t hesitate, call us today so we can help you. Allow us to be your Humble TX Lawyers for Traffic Tickets.

Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can range from felony assault to a DUI/DWI ticket. All it takes is the right circumstances for you to face a criminal charge that you aren’t prepared for. To ready yourself for a complex trial, get the lawyers with more experience than any other in Houston. No matter how large or small the charge is, we’re more than capable of handling your case. Whether it’s drug possession, a misdemeanor charge, or something else more serious, we’ll do our best to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Civil Litigation

For the Monks brothers, civil litigation is nothing new. We specialize in a variety of trial types. For example, we handle breach of contracts, real estate, tenants, landlords, fraud, trade secrets, mediation, arbitration, and everything in-between. If you’re contesting with an employer or neighbor regarding a legal dispute, then call Monks Law Firm. When it comes to fraud and trade secrets, it’s imperative to have someone with you who can accurately convey your side of the story. Otherwise, you risk getting fined and even jail time even if you don’t deserve it.

Humble TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Traffic Tickets

One of the most common reasons for many to come to court, traffic violations are incredibly typical in today’s world. It’s so common, however, that sometimes you get a citation without doing anything wrong. Violations can also result in the loss of your license or jail time (if you’ve been given the ticket excessively). To give yourself the best chance anyone in Houston could have, bring on Monks Law Firm to assist you.

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Monks Law Firm believes that everyone deserves a fair shake in court. Our goal is to ensure that every client we take on gets a fair trial and the outcome they deserve. Call us today at (713) 666-6657 or find us online for more information. Don’t hesitate and contact us now to learn why we’re a Humble TX criminal defense lawyer you can trust.

Humble TX Fun Facts

  • First settled in the early 1800s by Joseph Dunman
  • Humble was incorporated in 1933
  • Humble has attractions such as the Botanical Gardens, Humble Historical Museum, and Sheldon Lake State Park
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