Have you recently found yourself in legal trouble? And are you looking for a Houston Criminal Lawyer? At Monks Law, we are the criminal defense attorneys that can help you. We have over 2500 dismissals or not guilty verdicts in felony and misdemeanor cases in Houston involving-

  1. DWI
  2. DUI
  3. Drugs
  4. Assault
  5. Weapons and domestic violence
  6. Expungements
  7. Petitions for nondisclosure
  8. Termination of probation

If you are looking for a Houston Criminal Lawyer that will defend your rights. Then you are looking for Monks Law. In this article, we will highlight for you, what the difference is between a felony and a misdemeanor. Why you should hire a lawyer. What type of lawyer you should hire. And the steps to finding a criminal defense lawyer.

What are a Felony and Misdemeanor

A felony is defined as being a more serious crime. Felonies are defined by the fact that they are punishable by prison sentences of greater than one year. Since the punishments can be so severe, felonies need to be taken very seriously. Felonies are usually crimes that are viewed severely by society and include crimes such as murder, rape, burglary, kidnapping, assault, domestic violence or arson. However, felonies can also be punished in a range of ways so that the punishment matches the severity of the crime.

A misdemeanor is usually defined as a crime which is punishable by up to a year in jail time. Some states define a misdemeanor as a crime that is not a felony. Misdemeanor crimes include crimes such as speeding, trespassing, vandalism, public intoxication, DUI, DWI, and more.

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Why Hire a Lawyer

Being charged with a felony or misdemeanor can influence your future and should be taken very seriously. Which is why when you are being accused. You need to find the best Houston Criminal Lawyer fast.

Even if you have not been charged with a crime with yet. Some people may not understand why you should hire an attorney during an investigation. Because many believe that this is an admission of guilt before you are charged with any crime. But, in truth, hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer is just the opposite. You are not admitting guilt by hiring a lawyer. It instead provides you legal help understanding what is going on. And shows police and prosecutors that you are serious about protecting your name and assets.

People also believe that hiring a lawyer during an investigation angers police and prosecution, but it actually has the opposite effect. Because you do not understand the laws and terms that police and prosecutors are talking about a lawyer can help you better understand. Which is relieving some work from the police and prosecutors had to take the time to explain to you. Instead, your lawyer has the time to explain to you, while the police and prosecutors can be concerned with the investigation instead.

Why Should I Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

When you are being investigated for a felony or misdemeanor you need to understand that these charges could be serious. And have serious repercussions. Which is why you should only hire a Houston Criminal Lawyer that is experienced to handle your case. You do not want a lawyer that has only worked on DUI cases, you need an attorney Houston TX that has experience with many different laws and cases.  These are the top 3 reasons as to why you should hire a criminal defense attorney-

  • A criminal defense attorney can provide an in-depth analysis of your case.

Your lawyer will be able to sit down with you and explain to you your case. And be able to discuss and review the evidence found during the investigation. Your attorney will be able to review the allegations and give you an honest review of your situation.

An experienced criminal attorney will always be up-to-date on the latest legal laws revolving around felonies and misdemeanor charges. And they will also have the experience and knowledge of how to fight your case.

  • A skilled criminal attorney can help with your charges.

A skilled criminal attorney can implement different tactics to get evidence dismissed or other defense tactics to minimize charges. That a lawyer that does not specialize in criminal law would not be able to do.

How to Hire a Criminal Attorney

Now that you understand why it is so important to hire a Houston Criminal Lawyer, you need to understand the process of hiring an attorney.

First, conduct your research. Search for criminal attorneys online and ask your friends and families for referrals. And then choose two of the three law firms that have good google reviews and services that you need.

Second, make your appointments. You will need to meet with the different lawyers in-person to gather more information and ask your questions. Also, during this time before your meetings, you can prepare questions to ask your lawyer such as-

  • What is your experience handling similar cases like mine?
  • What are your chances of success?
  • How long have you practiced in this state?
  • What types of motions have you litigated?
  • How much trial experience do you have with criminal cases?
  • What experts do you work with?

Thirdly, attend your appointment and observe your lawyer. Ask them all the questions you have prepared and see if they are interested in your case. You want to make sure you feel comfortable with them and gather a feeling on whether or not you think they can defend your case.

Lastly, it is time to make your decision. Weight out the pros and cons of each lawyer and choose the lawyer you believe will best represent your case. They will be fighting for your future so you want to choose one that you can trust. Once you have made your decision, call the lawyer and see what you need to do to proceed forward with them.

Best Houston Criminal Attorney

If you are searching for Houston Criminal Lawyer, then really you are looking for Monks Law. At Monks Law Firm we have been Houston’s premier defense criminal law firm. We have the knowledge and know-how to protect you against your charges. We will fight endlessly to prove your innocence and protect your future. Being charged with a felony or misdemeanor is very serious and you want us involved at the very beginning to ensure your protection. Give us a call today by calling 713-666-6657 and talk to our friendly staff members to learn more. Don’t waste any more time today and be proactive by hiring the best Houston Criminal Lawyer.