July 19, 2019

Court Costs Are Getting More Expensive

A recent House Bill eliminated the surcharges that kept over half a million Texas drivers off the road (or at least, without a license). But, as if to say, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news,” court costs will also increase dramatically. The cost for traffic court cases is going up by $50 per case, and other costs may increase anywhere from $12 to $112. Additionally, fines for various charges are also going up. For example, DWI fines will rise dramatically.

However, just because court costs are rising, doesn’t mean that you’re any better off paying for your traffic ticket. Even if your court costs are now doubled, the consequences of a traffic ticket or misdemeanor are still much more expensive. If anything, the raised costs should encourage you to make sure that you find the best law firm you can to take your case to court. You owe it to yourself to give yourself the best chance at a court victory.

Texas court costs are increasing!

Why Should You Take Your Case To Court?

Insurance providers are secretly hoping that you don’t contest your traffic ticket. Traffic violations stay on your record anywhere from three to five years. That means that your auto insurance provider stands to make thousands of extra dollars if you just accept the fine. Not only will your premiums rise, but you’ll probably also lose prized discounts, which further widen the margin between what you were paying and what you owe for your car insurance now.

Depending on the type of work you do, a traffic violation could jeopardize your employment. Similarly, multiple traffic offenses can get your license revoked, which can affect your ability to get to work, no matter where you’re employed. The long-term consequences of not contesting a ticket are severe. Therefore, it still makes sense to fight your case in court.

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