Monks Law Firm focuses on insuring that you get the best legal representation in Harris and surrounding counties. DUIs, DWIs, traffic, and other charges can cost you a significant amount of money directly and indirectly and waste a tremendous amount of your time. To prevent this, Monks Law Firm’s lawyers use their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure a not guilty verdict or significantly reduced sentence. No matter what legal trouble you find yourself in, let Monks Law Firm handle the heavy lifting and fight for you.

We operate with the attitude that everyone deserves a fair change and unbiased trial or hearing. With a combined 70 years of experience, the Monks brothers have tried and successfully defended thousands of cases across Texas. So whether it is criminal, DWI/DUI, or traffic defense, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we handle probate, wills and other civil litigation for our clients. With Monks Law Firm, we cover your legal needs, no matter how large or small. So contact us today and find out what makes us the best in the business.

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Monks Law Firm focuses on bringing you the best possible outcome in any legal case. Regardless of the magnitude of the case, our lawyers are always on top of your legal trouble. When you meet with Mike and Pat Monks, you get quality consultation and legal advice for your case. We’ll defend you from accusations and lawsuits with a fair trial and defense. Our office stays available and affordable for our clients because we know that you can require legal counsel at any time of day. Our brother combo has the knowledge and expertise to aid you with any form of litigation and trial. So no matter your reason for hiring us, we’re sure to give you the best defense possible.

Our Services Cover Everything You Need

When you hire Monks Law Firm, you gain access to a well of experience that covers everything from civil litigation to traffic to criminal defense. You never want to represent yourself in court no matter how major or minor the case. Plaintiffs or defendants with an attorney will use his knowledge to circle you until they get their win. Avoid that, with Monks Law Firm.

Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can be intimidating. Our team helps you understand your options and how we can get you out of a jam. Our focus is on providing you with a not guilty verdict or a significantly reduced sentence.

Civil Litigation

For civil litigations, our team has dealt with thousands of civil cases since the beginning of their careers. Even though each of them has over 70 years experience of civil representation, the Monks brothers treat each case as significant as the first.

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Monks Law Firm are experts at helping Houston residents out of tricky legal situations. Our lawyers Handle DWI, DUI (for under age) charges and drug/alcohol possession, criminal and civil charges, and traffic. You can contact us by filling one of the forms below:

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