January 18, 2019

Forgotten Traffic Ticket?

The Consequences

Do you have several traffic tickets that you have forgotten about? Perhaps you are wondering what the consequences of a forgotten traffic ticket are. Maybe you are not sure what your next step should be. In our experience, it all starts with an old ticket that you forgot about and as a result, now you have a suspended driver’s license and you might not even know. A warrant for your arrest could be in the system of every police officer across all (8) counties.  You will be arrested if you are pulled over for even a tail light out.

So now the scenario is, you were pulled over for a tail light out, the officer ran your license and found a warrant and you got arrested.  You still have to be processed into the system and wait hours just to get bonded out. You most likely would have gotten a warning for a tail light that is out but because you forgot about an old ticket, you now have a warrant. This is where Monks Law comes into play because there are many consequences besides being arrested for forgotten traffic tickets.

Each speeding ticket or moving violation means more points on your driver’s license. With enough points on your driver’s license, your driving privilege can be revoked. Which has the ability to negatively impact your eligibility for school, work, and other programs. Not only that, but the cost of insurance with each citation will go up and stay increased for five years. And you will have to pay excessive fines for forgetting tickets.

As a result, if you have a traffic ticket that is past due, you need to be effectively represented so that your record will not have these violations on them. It takes 5-7 years for these to drop off of your record and you cannot afford that.

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