If you’re a CDL driver in Houston, the traffic lawyers at Monk’s Law just may become your new best friends.  With the expertise to protect your livelihood by guiding you through the pitfalls of dealing with the judicial system in Houston, our traffic lawyers have the ability to stand beside you for CDL ticket defense when no others can.

Your CDL is your life.  Without the income it provides, you have no way to provide for your family and yourself, so protecting that CDL is of utmost importance to you.  When that CDL is threatened by the far-reaching power of government, life can seem overwhelming.  Our Houston traffic lawyers for CDL ticket defense can come to your rescue by throwing you a life-line.

CDL Ticket Defense can save your bacon.

What happens when you can no longer “bring home the bacon?”  Every traffic infraction, for which you are convicted, makes you less insurable for your employer.  Each conviction will likely cause an increase in your insurance rate, making you a less-desirable employee.  Some convictions can even call for the suspension or revocation of your CDL. Protect yourself, and protect your family, by enlisting the Houston CDL ticket defense professionals at Monks Law, who can protect you in ways that no insurance company can.

Like commercial drivers, law enforcement officers have a tough job, and, like everyone else, sometimes law enforcement officers make mistakes.  However, without legal representation, courts are more likely to accept law enforcement’s testimony than the testimony of you, the accused.  Although, legally, every accused individual is innocent until proven guilty, in traffic courts, where the only two witnesses are the law enforcement officer and the accused, the threshold of proof is often lowered to the testimony of the law enforcement officer.  Having Houston traffic lawyers from Monks Law on your side dramatically raises that threshold.

Monks Law Firm has the experience, expertise, and professionalism to be your Houston traffic lawyer for CDL ticket defense.  Our forty-five years of experience in dealing with Texas traffic laws, and in providing our clients with the constitutional protections to which they are entitled can save you time, money, and embarrassment, as well as help you keep your wheels rolling. It is essential that you protect your CDL. Let us help you.

At Monks Law Firm, we understand that, for a commercial driver, there is no such thing as a minor traffic offense.  We fully realize the possible ramifications of each and every Texas traffic law violation, and we utilize every tool at our disposal to eliminate the possibility of those ramifications.

Don’t delay.  If you get a ticket for ANY Texas traffic law violation, contact us immediately, and allow us to begin working on your behalf. We want to be there for you as your Lawyer Speeding Ticket Houston TX. Your future depends upon the traffic lawyers at Monks Law.

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