March 19, 2020


By now, everyone understands the widespread impact the corona epidemic will have on our lives for the time. As of March 17th, Houston Independent School District and over 30 others have extended their closures through April 21st. At the same time, restaurants’ dining-in and all bars and clubs have been shut down for at least […]

February 17, 2020

Get Your Interlock Device Removed Soon

Monks Law Firm knows that ignition interlock devices can be challenging to handle with the court. Without the proper understanding or support, the process seems overwhelming. Fortunately, Monks Law Firm is here to help you through the entire ordeal. As soon as you are arrested, make sure you call the right law firm to advise […]

February 10, 2020

Let’s Talk About Interlock Devices

If you have ever been arrested for a DUI or DWI, then an ignition interlock device has likely been installed in your vehicle. In these cases, it’s essential to know the process of how you receive one, why, and how to have it removed. With Monks Law Firm, you get the help you need obtaining […]

January 20, 2020

Receiving Early Termination of Probation

Under some state laws, the judge has the authority to terminate probation early when specific qualifications are met. However, a defendant doesn’t have the right to have their probation terminated early. Depending on the situation, a defendant may be required to serve the entire period, even if the defendant qualifies for early termination. A judge […]

January 15, 2020

Arrested? Get Back Your Property

When you’re arrested, it can be extremely stressful. You’re worried about bonds, your court case, and to top it all, confiscated property. If this happens, you are probably wondering how to get your property back. The best answer is to find a lawyer to help you. Here at Monks Law Firm, we are here for […]

December 23, 2019

Expunctions/ Case Dismissed

Removing arrests and convictions from your public record is the process of expunction. If you don’t have an expunction, your history can be viewed by schools, employers, and others. Monks Law Firm can assist you in keeping such information set aside. Having a criminal record can affect you in getting job interviews. Can you imagine […]

December 11, 2019

Served Probation for a Misdemeanor or Criminal Case

If you served probation for a misdemeanor or criminal case, Monks Law Firm has got your back. We’re able to do traffic tickets, probate, civil lawsuits, and criminal defense. Mike and Pat Monks have over 70 years of combined experience fighting for clients. Therefore, whether you are facing a DWI/ DUI or traffic defense, you […]

November 22, 2019

Drug/Alcohol Suspensions Are Not Final With Us

The legal limit for intoxication in Texas is 0.08 breath or blood alcohol concentration (or BAC). If you get pulled over while drunk driving, you’re more than likely to have your license suspended until the specified date of return. Monks Law Firm fights to reduce or annul your suspension. When you get your suspension, don’t […]

November 8, 2019

Out of State Suspensions and How to Avoid Them

Say you’re driving from Texas to Florida, and you’re speeding through the states in-between. When passing Mississippi, you get pulled over, and the officer consults with his database to learn you have unpaid citations in another state. Your license is then confiscated, a fine is written, and now you have no driver’s license. Monks Law […]

October 24, 2019

Avoid Judgment License Suspensions

License suspensions can happen in many ways. For whatever reason you face license suspension, it’s essential to contest it to the best of your abilities. To do that, Monks Law Firm is here to provide you with the best legal consulting in the greater Houston area. Challenging violations and suspensions alone can be especially tricky […]