Seeking a Bellaire Texas attorney traffic tickets? Sounds like you have a predicament on your hands. Now, traffic tickets are a special kind of nuisance. None of us want to get stuck with one, or several. You may have been speeding or ran a red light before you saw the red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. In the case that you had an expired license or registration, the tickets would have piled on. So, what are you to do in this situation? Luckily, Monks Law can come to your rescue.

Monks Law Firm is loyal to the greater Houston Area. Mike and Pat Monks are highly qualified, with years of experience between them. They can come to your defense your traffic tickets, civil lawsuits, and criminal defense. In order to prevent your ticket from causing higher insurance rates or even license suspension, you will need a firm attorney on your side.

In this article, we will discuss Texas traffic tickets and how Monks Law can help you.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can be costly

Speeding: Speeding is when you are driving above the posted speed limit. However, an officer can pull you over if they feel you were either going too fast or too slow. You can be legally excused if you were speeding due to an emergency or evading danger.

Expiration of Documents: Expired Driver’s License, Motor Vehicle Inspection, Insurance, or Registration? You can be ticketed for it. It can be easy to forget the date or forego renewal during times of transition.

Minor Violations: A minor caught in a traffic case needs assistance. You are especially vulnerable when you are underage.

Alcohol Violations: You could have your license suspended, even without a DWI.

Seatbelts: If the driver or any passengers above 15 years of age are without seatbelts, you can get ticketed. The fines will be higher if a minor is not wearing their seatbelt. Furthermore, children need to be in safety seats, such as car seats and boosters, depending on their age and weight.

Failure to Provide Documents: Failure to provide an officer with your essential documents is another violation you may be fined for. Be sure to keep your documents on hand.

Any Class C Misdemeanor: This can be unrelated to traffic, but minor charges of assault, theft, possession, or public intoxication are all class C violations.

Can I Be Arrested?

You could be arrested for a traffic, or bench, warrant

A traffic warrant is a warrant for your arrest. The courts will order one upon you if you go a certain span of time without paying your traffic tickets or if you fail to show to court.

If you have outstanding tickets and have not paid them or shown up to your court date, you may have a traffic warrant on you. This means that the police could show up to your home or business at any time and arrest you. If you suspect you may have a warrant out for your arrest, you will need to find an attorney before you do anything else. After all, you could be arrested at any time without warning, and you want a lawyer to arrive in your defense. You need a traffic ticket defense attorney at law. After contacting an attorney, you can contact the court or sheriff’s department to ask them what your options are. You may be able to set up a payment arrangement, but be careful. You may discover that an officer was dispatched to your location to arrest you.

A traffic warrant is actually very serious. You don’t want to serve time for something as silly as reckless driving, which is why we are offering you our legal services.

Bellaire Courts

Harris County Courts

If you are located in Bellaire, therefore Harris county, at the time of being ticketed, that is where you will have to settle it. The Bellaire municipal court is located at 5110 Jessamine, Bellaire, 77401-4495. You can call them at (713)-662-4495. Monks Law Firm has a list of all of the municipal courts in Harris County here.

You will need to settle your ticket in the county you acquired it. If you were outside of Bellaire or Harris County, you will need to contact the courts located there instead. In the situation that you have left the state or country, you may have to return to settle your debt.

We Want To Fight For Your Rights

At Monks Law Firm, we want to fight for your rights. We went to law school to ensure that we could give Houston the best defense lawyers they would need. Trust us to stand up for you in court. While you are handling every other aspect of your life, we can handle this one.

Mike Monks has been practicing law for 36 years and is native to Houston. He has secured over 2,500 dismissals for his clients. You want to be one of them.

Pat Monks was licensed in 1984 and has been practicing law since then. He has also secured over 2,5oo dismissals or not guilty verdicts.

At Monks Law, we can help you with not only traffic tickets, but civil suits, probate, criminal charges, and occupational licenses. The list actually goes on. If you visit our website linked below, you can learn all about our respectable law firm and what we can do for you. Our Houston Texas law office will welcome you in with open arms.

Contact Monks Law Firm by calling us at (713) 666-6657 or filling out our contact form on our website here. Don’t hesitate to call when you are caught with a ticket. You could be left with even more fines or even jailtime. We are the best Bellaire Texas Attorney Traffic Tickets.

Facts About Bellaire

  • Bellaire is part of Harris County.
  • “Bellaire” means breezes.
  • It was established in 1908 by William Wright Baldwin.