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Houston TX Suspended Drivers License

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Practices Of Our Bellaire Texas Defense Attorneys

As most lawyers operate, we prefer to focus on a set amount of areas in criminal defense. In the Houston area alone there are hundreds of possible fields where our services could be needed so we selected the following to make it easier to perfect our craft and continue receiving dismissals for our cases. The main lawyers that will be attending to your needs are Mike Monks and Pat Monks, brothers who founded Monk’s Law together. We’ll discuss their bold business venture later on in the article. For now, let’s focus on how we can help!

Drug Possession

The possibility of getting caught with drugs is a risk that people play with all of the time. There is a constant stream of cases and yours is no different. We will protect you from serious litigation regardless. That is our principal in theory and we intend to make it a reality for every case. In Texas, there is a Controlled Substances Act that has prohibited the use, creation, and distribution of certain types of drugs.

They are broken down into groups called Schedules that range from I, being the most serious, all the way to IV, which is considered the least serious. Some of the lesser penalties may cause fines or demand community service requirements. Other charges could be felonies or misdemeanors that could put you behind bars for a very long time. However, that all depends on how your lawyer works the case. Make sure to give us a call if you think you need legal protection!


In Texas, we take DWIs with all due seriousness. Of course, we also know that it is not always your fault or perhaps the situation is skewed by the public perception. Nevertheless, people who are caught drunk driving potentially run the risk of extremely harsh legal penalties. The State of Texas has designed the system to be incredibly prompt when it comes to drunk driving. As a result, if you don’t have an excellent lawyer keeping everything in order, the case may pass before your eyes and find you behind bars.

Felony Assault

Even though the State of Texas essentially treats assault and battery as the same crime, there are discrepancies that can be made. Since the charges can vary in degrees of seriousness, you’ll want a lawyer who can navigate through the technical enigmas. They can uncover solutions, settlements, and tactics to keep your liberty in your own hands. Regardless of the seriousness, there is always some sort of legal work that can help you.

Misdemeanor Assault

As you may know, if an individual commits some sort of statutory assault, we consider this a misdemeanor charge. Keep in mind that this is not the same as a full assault charge, either. In fact, there can be a huge difference and the penalties will also follow suit. We intend to make sure that the difference is felt as well. Whenever you have a misdemeanor case, get your case in the hands of people who can help.

Other Areas Of Practice

While we do specifically help with the areas of criminal defense that we listed above, there are other areas where we can be of service. That includes family law, traffic law, and other areas. We are one of the best CDL ticket lawyers Bellaire TX. The following legal cases that we have listed below are meant to provide relief and care. If you ever feel as though you are in a predicament similar to the cases we have mentioned, give us a call and we’ll determine just how effective we can be for you.

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Traffic Tickets

While traffic tickets are not going to be as severe as an assault charge, DWI or a drug penalty, it is still important. That’s why we have attorneys to dedicate to this aspect of law as well. Ensuring that your freedom is secure, even under the slightest of injustices, is an obligation that we believe we are mandated to follow. Whether it is a speeding ticket or a ticket for staying at the stop sign for too long, we can help secure the best results.


This is typically one of the most complicated and emotional areas of law. That is due to the fact that it is essentially an organization of a deceased family member’s affairs. Whether it is property, assets or other potentially valuable information. There are many steps in the legal processes that must be carried out to completely secure a legal conclusion. It could be appraising the property, resolving outstanding debts, distributing assets or even validating the will. Our lawyers will ensure that the process is done right.

Civil Litigation

This field covers issues like fraud, disputes with clients over breaches of contract, or even problems with landlords and tenants. Whenever you have problems that can jeopardize sensitive information, or see you getting underpaid or not protected, this is civil litigation, and we can help.

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